04 May 2022


4 Iyyar 5782
Yom HaAtzma'ut

On this day, we give thanks to HKB"H with special kavannah for the mercy He showed us in 1948 when He freed us from the rule of the nations and delivered us from the hands of our enemy attackers.  It was a major step on the road to redemption.

However, to our sorrow, due to our many sins, we remain under the domination of foreign powers as the Erev Rav rule over us.  Due to our many sins, the so-called "Jewish" State has become a daily chillul Hashem.  How much longer can it last?

Israel is doing what it does best this week and strutting its stuff with an LGBTQ embracing anthem – “I.M” – in the first rounds of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Performed by Michael Ben David, an openly gay graduate of Tel Aviv’s prestigious Beit Zvi School, the song which is a call for celebrating self-affirmation will bring camp energetic fun to the contest up to the semi-finals on May 12 – and beyond if it goes Ben David’s way.

We have a lot to be thankful for, but nothing to celebrate. 
We should hang our heads in shame before the Master of the Universe
for what we have done with the gifts He entrusted to us.


  1. Yasher Koach to Jonathan Pollard for saying the emes which others are afraid to say.
    That we have G-Dless Jews living in EY is bad enough but that the government promotes them and is part of the foreign powers is a chilul of chilulei H;. This is what will eventually bring them all down. H' allows allows to go so far and then will stop them in their tracks.
    We wish Yonatan hatzlacha in waking up the nation.

  2. From this morning's news...

    In first, Israel to honor transgender soldier with medal of honor

    ...The soldier said she dedicated herself to setting an example even before joining Home Front Command. Last year, she chose to do her beret march- an arduous journey each IDF soldier goes through before being accepted to their respective corps - with the pride flag on her vest.

  3. What is it going to take to get the American boot off of Israel's neck???

    Israel Radar@IsraelRadar_com
    US asks #Israel to boost military aid to Ukraine, @axios
    reports; Ukrainians want Israeli communications gear & anti-drone systems.

    Just like they "asked" us to announce public support for Ukraine and against Russia.

    1. That didn't take long...

      EndGameWW3 🇺🇸 @EndGameWW3
      Update: Axios: Israel will increase its military support to Ukraine at the request of Washington.

  4. When you think you heard the worst/lowest, you hear or read something you never thought could be. With the insanity of wanting to be like the nations, there's never low enough. H' Yerachem!