26 April 2022

Are We in the Time of Mashiach's Arrival?

25 Nissan 5782
10 Days of the Omer 


  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

    I have all four of Rabbi Hool's wonderful books. They are highly recommended. His book "Pharaoh: Biblical History, Egypt and the Missing Millennium" is a wonderful read. In a short appendix, he gives over compelling calculations showing how, with his revisionist history, all sorts of different Jewish sources converge to, BE"H, this shmitta cycle, or at worst and hopefully not, the one that follows as the time for Moshiach. The book is almost worth it for just those few pages.

    It is interesting that there are many goyim, a few of whom I follow, have been speculating, with considerable evidence, that the accepted historical narrative has around a thousand years added to it, just like Rabbi Hool demonstrates through his own research between discrepancies of our chronology and theirs.

  2. My question, regarding "kolos" in the sixth year, is what is that? What are they? What do they speak about? There is almost nothing on that. I don't think it's just about people speaking about Geulah, since there has always been talk of this among at least a segment of Jews, and there doesn't seem to me any more such talk last year.

    Perhaps a return in some way of the "bas kol" mentioned in numerous places in the Talmud? But that wouldn't necessarily be "heard" equally by everyone, would it, only the highly spiritually sensitive?

    In this year, we certainly seem to be witnessing an incipient world war, as there is no way those arrayed against Russia can tolerate any Russian victory, and regardless of Western propaganda, Russia is winning, and winning decisively. Their advance in the first phase of the operation was faster and more effective than America's "shock and awe" campaign in Iraq in 2003.

    Reading between the lines of the heated rhetoric, a victory for Russia here wouldn't just be a simple defeat of Ukraine, but a defeat, and a decisive one, for the globo-homo alliance, that would probably see the dissolution of Nato and total loss of hegemony. They cannot stomach this and will risk all to stop Russia. I don't doubt this in the slightest way.

    There are still many months left in 5782 and plenty of time for the regional war to explode around the world.

    Personally, I disagree with R. Hool and think Moshiach knows who he is already, but is powerless to act because he has no power of his own, and until the time arrives, is incapable of doing anything. He would just be another deluded sufferer of "Jerusalem Syndrome" to anyone he spoke to.

    Do you think Moshe was unaware of the odd circumstances of his life? At some point in his life, he probably knew his intended role. But whether he wanted to embrace it or not, he was powerless to do anything until it became actualized.

    The difference between the two, again IMHO, is the former argued with Hashem for a full week against taking on the role Hashem designated for him, while the latter will embrace it l'chatchila.

    1. About "kolot" the rabbi seemed to indicate it was talk of war and then the wars became actualized.