15 May 2019

War With Iran "Is In Its Final Moments"

10 Iyyar 5779
Day 25 of the Omer

If that 'lit fuse' is going to explode during the week of Netzach, I would expect it on either Yom Chamishi or Shabbat. Be extra vigilant all you brothers in the Golan! Hashem should have mercy on His children!
Editors Of Iranian IRGC-Affiliated Newspapers: Iran Is Behind Fujairah And Yanbu Attacks; Possibility Of Additional Attacks In Red Sea, Golan Heights

Following May 12, 2019 reports of attacks on oil tankers at Fujairah Port, off the coast of the UAE's Emirate of Fujairah, two senior Iranian journalists affiliated with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) tweeted that Iran had carried out the attacks. The two journalists are Hamed Rahim-Pour, editor of the international section of the IRGC-affiliated Khorasan daily, and Amin Arabshahi, director of the IRGC-affiliated Tasnim news agency's bureau in northern Khorasan Province. Rahim-Pour claimed that there had been an additional attack at the Saudi port of Yanbu in the Red Sea; that attack was confirmed today, May 14, by the Saudis. Rahim-Pour warned that there would be additional attacks at the ports of Fujairah and Yanbu and even on the Golan Heights.
MEMRI translated their tweets. They can be seen here, including the following...
Also on May 12, 2019, Amin Arabshahi, director of the IRGC-affiliated Tasnim news agency's bureau in northern Khorasan Province, tweeted:

"Al-Fujairah Port, which is the sole lifeline for the export of oil from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, has been set on fire. The guys of the Islamic Resistance set fire to [this site, which is situated] just before the #Strait of Hormuz. #Merchants of fear [i.e. the administration of U.S. President Trump] should know that the war started years ago. We are in its final moments."


  1. H/T "Ms" who posted in the wrong place. Reported today...

    Report: Israeli Intelligence Obtained Photos of Missiles in Iraq Pointed at the Gulf

    A report by analyst and researcher Mustafa Habib claims that the Israeli intelligence has obtained photos of Iranian ballistic missile systems in Iraq’s southern city of Basra directed toward the Gulf region.

    The report is citing former Iraqi vice president Iyad Allawi who says he was briefed on the matter by a US official.

    The images were not made public.

    According to the report, this is the reason for the sudden, unscheduled visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Iraq last week.

    Could also explain this...

    US pulls nonessential staff from Iraq amid Mideast tensions

    The U.S. on Wednesday ordered all nonessential government staff to leave Iraq, and Germany and the Netherlands both suspended their military assistance programs in the country in the latest sign of tensions sweeping the Persian Gulf region over still-unspecified threats that the Trump administration says are linked to Iran.

  2. At 7:55, while writing the above comment, I asked my family if anyone else felt shaking and I said it must have been an earthquake. It was. :-O

    2 mins ago...

    Initial reports of minor earthquake in Israel
    Residents in southern Israel and Jerusalem report tremors in what is believed to be a minor earthquake.

  3. I felt it too, and so did many members of my neighborhood WhatsApp group.

    1. I was really surprised to find it originated in the Med. I thought sure it was from the Dead Sea, if I was feeling it.

    2. One participant moved to Beit Shemesh and remained with our online group, and she felt it there too.

      I'm also surprised it started in the Med. The preliminary report we received had no indication of where it began.

      All the best to you and yours, amidst all our people!


    The commander of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards said on Wednesday: "We are on the cusp of a full-scale confrontation with the enemy," the Fars news agency reported.

    Major General Hossein Salami, named head of the force last month, added: "This moment in history, because the enemy has stepped into the field of confrontation with us with all the possible capacity, is the most decisive moment of the Islamic revolution."

  5. Bs''d
    Wuups...i spoke with someone about BASHAN< SHEEP and Fujara.
    Fujara is a deep nice music instrument for ROE KWASIM and i said it would be nice to hear FUJARA all over the Golan, all the sheep will follow.
    Mama mia!
    Let the Fujara be heard where the Valaska is...

  6. And it will be a 9 second exchange which will then last for 7 years. I hope everyone is preparing in accordance.

    1. I don't know where you get this, but in any case, there won't be any nuclear exchanges; however, the global economy will collapse. And that will be the end of the Empire of Edom.