23 May 2019

Fighting Fire With Fire

19 Iyyar 5779
Day 34 of the Omer

Every year, we get one or two extra severe bouts of heat wave.  And every year when that happens, fires break out all over the country.  And every time, it later turns out that Arabs set the fires, taking advantage of the circumstances.

The authorities are admitting the Arabs set the fires in the south of the country yesterday.  They can't cover that up.
Firefighters bring 11 fires lit by Hamas balloons under control

At least 11 fires blazed in Eshkol and Sdot Negev regions on Wednesday from incendiary balloons tossed over from the Gaza Strip. One consumed a 12-acre wheat field belonging to Kibbutz Alumim. By nightfall, the firefighters had brought them all under control. Because of the exceptionally dry, hot and windy weather Israel’s fire and rescue services had issued a fire warning across the country and banned the customary Lag Be’Omer bonfires.in many places.
There is not a doubt in my mind that it will turn out that they are also responsible for the fires burning in the center of the country, too.

...The red-level alert was raised and a full mobilization of firefighters have been scrambled throughout the entire country. There have been requests for volunteer firefighters and for assistance from neighboring countries for firefighting planes.

...Today's events began when a large fire broke out near Beit Hagai, in the southern Hebron Hills in the West Bank on Thursday. The first line of houses have been evacuated in the settlement. There are currently reports of at least 15 people being treated for smoke inhalation.

...In a related development, Israel police blocked route 443 and evacuated communities around the Ben Shemen forest Thursday as fires of undetermined origin raged through the area.

Route 1, the major artery connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, was a snarled traffic jam near the area in the afternoon as the sun began to descend toward the horizon.

On the skyline, brown and black smoke billowed from the Ben Shemen forest. Usually a picnic area, the place was turned into a looming inferno as a fire spread during the hottest day of the spring so far.

...Deri Semachi briefed reporters there on the situation. He said that investigations were still underway to determine the cause of the fires.
And in a related story... "Arson has not been ruled out, according to the Police."

On the very day when Jews traditionally burn bonfires in celebration of Lag La'Omer, it seems the Arabs didn't want to be left out. I hope this is not going to become a new tradition for Ramadan.

You can see a full report here: Netanyahu calls for international help as huge fires force evacuation of 3,500

HKB"H knows and He will avenge any wrong done to His Land and People.


  1. Bs''d
    Dewash, there is Kabalistic reason why we should make fires on Lag B Omer for the right reason, then the Arrabs will not.
    By harvesting the NITZOTZOT in JOY by doing MITZVOT in ERETZ YISRAEL, we get the chance on Lag B Omer to let them fly up to ABBA straight true the small blinky lights of fire. When we are prevented to do this....its done by the other side. Arrabs are nothing but a stick of Hashem if we do not do what we have to do.
    Fires of LAG B OMER are normaly oportunity also for the ones that do not do much MITZVOT and the few they did are send staright up, if given the chance. The heat is also a consequence of the dirt spread true this HOLY LAND OF HASHEM! If we do not burn the KLIPOT THAT SOROUND A NITZOTZ with FIRE Hashem do this with TEVA, sort of ...its SHEMESH TZEDAKA, BURNING THE EVIL AND HEAL THE RICHTGEUSS.
    If we do not DO what we have to do, HASHEM IS DOING THIS FOR HIW OWN SAKE, but the are consequences with that.
    Shabbat shalom

  2. The entire moshav of Mevoh Modiin was burnt - here is a link to help one family

  3. Guess H' is showing His Anger - the people are not doing enough to show their disdain at the behaviors of what's going on in E.Y. Allowing the Eurovision in EY, the vile supreme court, the actions of the leadership in the IDF with forcing chareidim, especially the WOMEN, to be conscripted into the army, etc., etc., and mostly, not destroying the enemy. HE's giving us wakeup calls and we need as a people (worldwide) to wake up. Anti-semitism is growing at a rapid pace and still, most still feel too comfortable. It's all about no fear of Heaven and no faith altogether in our Creator, r'l!

    1. And here I thought it was designed to make the Arabs fasting even more difficult for them during this month of Ramadan. I mean, so far it has only been so hot during the week and every Shabbat it cools off - just in time for our holy day. I guess we'll have to see what awaits after Ramadan is over.

  4. I don't know how I could have overlooked this, but I was so thrown by the date being Lag BaOmer, I completely forgot that this was a week after Eurovision. Rabbi Mizrachi, in a recent shiur, made the connection between the massive fires and the previous massive Shabbat desecration. He says our Sages tell us the Shabbat desecration brings fires.