31 August 2017

Daily Life Has Become Like A Disaster Movie

9 Elul 5777

Except that real life now far exceeds even the imaginations of the movie makers.
‘Regular day in Sochi’: Witnesses describe chilling plane landing through tornadoes (VIDEOS)

We've had a lot of events happen recently to direct our attention to the skies like a lunar eclipse followed by a historic solar eclipse with a spectacular meteor shower coming in between. Then the sky opened up and dropped 4 1/2 FEET of rain on Texas. Here is just the latest such occurrence set to take place tomorrow!
Largest asteroid in a century to whiz by Sept 1
The largest asteroid in more than a century will whiz safely past Earth on September 1 at a safe but unusually close distance of about 4.4 million miles (7 million kilometers), NASA said.
The asteroid was discovered in 1981, and is named Florence after the famed 19th century founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.
...It is one of the biggest asteroids in the Earth's vicinity, and measures about 2.7 miles (4.4 kilometers) wide—or about the size of 30 Egyptian pyramids stuck together. [Strange analogy!]
Latest from the flood-ravaged areas of southeast Texas...
Family warns about unseen dangers after son is electrocuted in flood waters
...Andrew stepped in the yard unaware that a landscape light electrified the water. He stumbled and grabbed the lamppost, using his last words to warn his friend to stay away, his mother said.
"They couldn't even help my son. They couldn't resuscitate him. He was in electrified water," she said.
Water Rescues Underway at Two Flooded Port Arthur Nursing Homes
Explosions, black smoke rising at chemical plant damaged in Hurricane Harvey: Officials
A pair of explosions were heard early Thursday morning and black smoke was seen rising from a chemical plant near Houston compromised by flooding from Hurricane Harvey, officials said.
Arkema, Inc., which runs the plant, said in a release they were notified of the explosions by Harris County Emergency Operations at about 2 a.m. CDT. Harris County police said on Twitter that one deputy was taken to the hospital after inhaling fumes from the plant and nine other officers drove themselves to the hospital as a precaution.
...Arkema's CEO said on Wednesday that there was "no way to prevent" a possible explosion at the company's Crosby, Texas facility, which has been heavily flooded as a result of Hurricane Harvey.
“We have an unprecedented 6 feet of water at the plant,” Arkema President and CEO Rich Rowe said in comments made Wednesday. “We have lost primary power and two sources of emergency backup power.
"As a result, we have lost critical refrigeration of the materials on site that could now explode and cause a subsequent intense fire. The high water and lack of power leave us with no way to prevent it," he said.
The nation's largest oil refinery shuts down as Hurricane Harvey floods Texas

Oil and gas prices are expected to spike over the next week or more as about 10 refineries representing more than 15 percent of the nation's refining capacity are shut down in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Fill ’er up. Some DFW stations may run out of gas this Labor Day weekend
You may want to fill up your gas tank while you can.
On the eve of the busy Labor Day holiday weekend, convenience store operators and other gasoline retailers said Wednesday there’s a strong chance they will run out of fuel at some locations this weekend because of supply disruptions caused by Hurricane Harvey.
“I called my family members and told them to fill up their tanks,” said John Benda, who owns three Fuel City stores in Haltom City and Dallas and is building a fourth in Saginaw. “I have never seen it this tight, since 1980, even when we were rationing.”
Multiple refineries have shut down in Houston, Baytown, Port Arthur and other areas slammed by Harvey and the historic flooding that followed. Some pipelines that move fuel out of the Gulf Coast also are down, Benda said.
I suspect a lot more freaky things to occur in the lead-up to the New Year 5778. HKB"H is determined to get our attention right now. Time is running out. No more "business as usual"!


  1. Israel Rescue Coalition to send special crisis unit to Houston


    This Incredible Team Can Build a Hospital Anywhere In Just 12 Hours

    UN ranks IDF emergency medical team as ‘No. 1 in the world’

    Israel becomes first country to earn World Health Organization’s highest ranking for its field hospital unit
    By Judah Ari Gross November 13, 2016,

    The United Nation’s World Health Organization recognized the Israeli army’s field hospital, which is regularly sent abroad to provide aid at natural disaster sites, as “the number one in the world” in a ceremony last week, classifying it as its first and only “Type 3” field hospital, according to its commander, Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Ofer Merin.

    Israel needs to have an emergency program for the Jewish communities that have been effected by the storms. Bring in every Chabad Rabbi to verify to the Jewish Agency that the person is Jewish. Have every EL-AL plane land in Houston and bring them to Israel.

  2. The Jews will most likely listen when the golden calf and their fantasy materialism is destroyed permenantly.

  3. There will be Jews who will come. My husband and I for instance will land in Israel 3 days before Rosh Hashana. There will be a remnant. This has been spoken about since the first Exodus. I can tell you, it's not easy or uncomplicated closing down a small (1,080 sq) house and pulling up roots. And we would be considered poor by many here. The majority of Jews have material prosperity - prestigious careers, big houses with lots of beautiful things. It's unimaginable to them. For some they ARE home! I would venture to say they never yearn for mashiach or for the day they see the galut receding in their spiritual rear view mirrors. To talk about it makes them squirm.

    1. When me came to israel at first, me had little to nothing and on top of that, America is a very big mess now and since this is the time before moshiach now, it pays to come and be ready. America is also very very bankrupt finantially and morally and their prosperity (including the jews) is all goudy and superficial with no base and no meaning and no love and care for others like a zombie so it is sad to say. Make a livelihood and be ready but do not be like them.

    2. And some of us have extenuating family circumstances and couldn't come EVEN if we could afford it, which we can't. No luxury here. Not ever. Take your difficulty of oulling up roots and magnify it by about 1000 and that's where I am. Daven for me, since you are fortunate enough to escape before Rosh Hashana.

    3. If you lived in Houston, you would already be uprooted - whether you wanted to be or not. It will happen everywhere, if not by flood, then by some other means.

      If a Jew believes all is from Hashem, how can he watch his home and shul be destroyed every year for three years and not understand what HKB"H is telling him?

    4. Hashem is speaking but how many people know how to DECIPHER the words?

  4. I think the iAID (Israelis) should bring all the Jews from Houston to Israel, and let them live in an absorption center, being given food and clothing to live here and wait out the rebuilding of Houston, and then to decide whether they want to return or stay!

    1. Every jew must make the decision on his/her own unless they want to come and have no other choice but to accept help. This is part of the test.
      We will be more happy here in israel when that day comes and all the planes in america will be grounded because of civil war and martial law.

    2. Sorry, where are you getting this? How do you know that there will definitely be civil war and martial law? How are you so sure about this?? It could happen and I can see what is happening now.. but we don't know how things will evolve...Unless Hshem directly speaks to you, how can you know for certain what will be?

    3. The Jews said the same thing and thought the same way in the third Reich but in the end, there were checkpoints in most of Europe to prevent Jews from leaving nazi-controlled countries and the Nazis controlled the trains which all had a path to the camps.
      Look at america right now and see what is happening with the conflicts and ethnic hatred, the villains are directing this mess like in Europe and it is part of their plan to wipe out most of humanity because the population is too big and when the star passes in the end, they will intentionally collapse all the economies and trigger the new final solution! While they get into their {already known} luxury bunkers and we are aware this time unlike most times in history. And you have to know exactly how a villain works to understand their plans.

  5. Whoever says we do not have prophecy today understands nothing. The prophecy required for our time was given in advance and preserved for this generation for thousands of years. Read Yechezkel, chapter 20, in its entirety and understand what HKB"H wants from us.

    When we said "na'aseh v'nishmah", that was the end of our free will. If we now refuse to submit to the terms of the covenant, we are disloyal and rebels against HKB"H's sovereignty.

    There is hell to pay when citizens rebel against their King.

    1. The formation of the *state* of Israel in itself was an act of rebellion. Knesset and *supreme* court are acts of rebellion. Not dashing down monuments and alien structures - act of rebellion. Not enforcing the Laws of Hashem - are all acts of rebellion. Need I go on?

  6. Expect the dormant volcanoes to erupt.

  7. A Russian-speaking, rav Michael Gitik, talks about his family in Europe in WW2, they said how we gonna live, we have home here business roots and so on. In 4 days they all leave..., but to concentrated camps.....
    Many olim just cannot appreciate what Hashem gives them. It just a test nisayon and yezer harah. WE have good husbands beautiful children, health, Eretz Israel, Yerushalayim, Kotel, jewish people everywhere, ready to help you, we just do not have community, that it????

    1. I think so, Leah; and the leftists in the government seek to keep the country divided first through name-calling: even Holocaust survivors get called "soap." Can you imagine that? They have specific names for religious Jews of all types, Sepharadim, Russians, Ethiopians, those who live in Yehuda and the Shomron...and the list goes on. We must reject this behavior utterly and "get our act together"!

      You can imagine what the rest of their methods are. But the language used usually comes first. Remember that the Nazis vilified us by creating imagery with words that "inspired" their people to come against us, furthering their goal to kill every last Jew.

      I would normally hate to equate the methods of the Israeli elites with Nazis, but I have been watching too long; too many lessons should have been learned long ago by now. One thing I don't believe is that they are really that stupid.

      May Mashiah be revealed already!

  8. Agree completely with Tomer Devorah. Historical Note: The term "Business as Usual" was coined by Sir Winston Churchill. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_as_usual_(policy) Who should be an inspiration to ALL of us. Churchill by his Faith and Own Hard Work Overcame a Life Long Stutter to become ONE OF THE GREATEST ORATORS OF ALL TIME. He also insisted that 'the Jews have a fighting unit of their own' and the Zion Mule Corps of the British Army of World War One became the heroic fabled Jewish Brigade of World War Two. Shavua Tov from the Hill of the Priests, Jerusalem, ISRAEL, Aryeh Yosef Ben Meir