06 April 2017

Egypt and Redemption

10 Nisan 5777

"In Nisan we were redeemed and in Nisan we will be redeemed...."

And it seems that once again, we will be redeemed from Egypt. With G-d's help, I will be developing this idea further in the coming days, as time allows.

Meanwhile, take a look at what is happening right under our noses.

Jerusalem's Museum of Tolerance remains a mystery
The Jerusalem Municipality and the Simon Wiesenthal Center are refusing to talk about planning and content of the new museum.

The high fence concealing the site on which the Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance is being built does not really keep passersby from seeing what is going on there. In central Jerusalem, on the site of a Muslim cemetery that is part of Independence Park, stands a huge oddly-shaped and proportioned concrete building. What will it look like? What will happen in it? What does its design mean? What will it contribute to the urban environment? None of this is clear, and it seems that there is a conspiracy of silence about it.

When I tried to ask the Jerusalem municipality spokeswomen about this, I was referred to Jerusalem architect Yigal Levy, who wanted to speak, but instead referred me to the representative of the developer, the Simon Wiesenthal Center. They called me from overseas, made inquiries, got back to me, and said that the financers were suffering from "press trauma," and would not talk.

A perusal of the Simon Wiesenthal Center website shows that it calls itself "a global human rights organization researching the Holocaust and hate in a historic and contemporary context." The organization's main offices are in Los Angeles, but it has branches all over the world.

The organization is headed by Dean Rabbi Marvin Hier. Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law, selected Rabbi Hier to recite a prayer at Trump's inauguration. The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, founded by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in 1993, is described as a "human rights laboratory" and educational center for increasing awareness of the Holocaust of the Jewish people and tolerance. According to the museum's website, 250,000 people visit the museum yearly, including 130,000 students.

The Jerusalem museum is portrayed as "a multi-faceted educational institution and social laboratory in the heart of Jerusalem that speaks to the world and confronts today’s important issues - like global anti-Semitism, extremism, hate, human dignity, and responsibility, and promoting unity and respect among Jews and people of all faiths." According to the US website, the building will house experimental museums for children and adults, a center for art seminars, an educational center, and a theater.

...According to the museum's website, the place will be managed by rabbis.

...Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Ofer Berkovitch, a cofounder of the Hitorerut B'Yerushalayim movement, is responsible for economic development, culture, and the city center. He says that he tried to contact the developers several times, but they refused to cooperate. "This is a foundation that is ostensibly very serious. They raise a lot of money, and this is an enormous building. I asked for the plan and the content, and proposed building a museum of Israel music there… They didn't answer me, and that's worrying. It arouses questions and doubts," he complained.

14,000 square meters, six floors above ground, and four floors below ground.
 (Globes, 4 April 2017)

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  1. I was shocked when I first learned what the new building going up was. The last thing we need here is a "Museum of Tolerance." I am disgusted by the colossal waste of resources and valuable real estate by this thing. Note that over half the traffic of the LA branch is students (even more tax money). What a scam.

    1. Resources eh? It is obvious that there are too many people in the world already and too much is going on and too much rezources is needed to sustain the wild and glutonous population and the villains are using this to their advantage to make the very big mess which (in their heads) will lead to the biggest human holocaust and continue life according to their interests. But do not worry for the master has big surprises for these scum and all the wicked humans on this planet. All the good people will survive and all the wicked people will fall and disappear.
      In my opinion, the villains do not want to make a memorial and delete all traces of their new holocaust .

  2. I have the same itchy feeling. I walk by there every night on my way to ulpan. Have you noticed the billboard pictures surrounding it now that just went up. No one pictured looks well, the part. All women in pants, no kippas. It reminds me of the billboards for the also new monstrosity in Ashkelon also showing
    women in pants. There you can expect that. What are we saying? Why put people in the
    pictures? Just show the building. Mall,
    museum whatever. Once we choose whom
    our demographic will reach in our pictures we tell a lot about who we are attracting. And when I say we I mean..they! To me the museum looks like a convention center for all globally happy, friendly folks. Which is fine for most I guess. But itches the heck out of
    me none the less.

    1. Do not ask the date, never ask the date because it was never given and nobody knows but we know and we can see that it is already very very close"; pray, knkw your place and look at and for all the signs
      As for the war, it started not long ago and is brewing and the situation is like a rubber balloon. It is filling and imploding and imploding and it eventually will pop so hold on and pray.

  3. Will Mashiach come on the last day of Pesach, 18 April 2017? Or the war starts?

    1. Read "World War III, Moshiach, Tefillah and the Redemption":

    2. The last [8th] day is Seudah Moshiach - in the diaspora anyway. Only fitting He should attend...

  4. Well, I was sitting at the tahana on Agrippas and saw a surveyor doing his surveying of a full block of stores. I asked and was told that a "private undertaking" is being planned for the entire block. Some of the businesses in that area just remodeled their stores, others being ancient. It's not being done by the municipality. Who gives these people permission to build whatever they want in Jerusalem?? They mayor must know? They have to submit plans to someone? There must be lawyers involved? It's not so easy to just buy property. A lot of money must have preceded this venture. The people must take a stand. A lot of good it did the Emek Refayim area residents in their fight against Citipass!

  5. Funny, I had the same feeling a few days ago when I happened to walk by there. It goes along with the HELLENIZATION of Jerusalem. They do everything they can to take Yiddishkeit out of Jerusalem, and replace it with this secular, goyish, Erev Rav stuff that has nothing to do with Torah. This is just another step in that direction. When you deal with the Municipality of Jerusalem you feel it so strongly: most people working there are secular, typical non-religious israelis, hold "israeli" values as opposed to Jewish values, and worship the state as opposed to Hashem. This is part of the same process. I hate it. We need Mashiach now!

  6. You can be sure that this is going to be Progressive brainwashing PC garbage. Maybe 'man-made' climate change? Man is responsible but not for the reason they are pushing. Because we create our reality by the lives we live, what comes out of our mouths, how we treat each other, etc., etc. And by Jew hatred..

  7. A fleet of 400+ icebergs invading the North Atlantic Ocean. It's the time of huge world natural disasters, as it was in Mitzraim during the First Redemption.

  8. Perhaps a place for these who know, Yerushalayim is save in times ahaid...do they know, that Mashiah Tzidkeinu can smell who is part of Am Israel???
    Or are they going to fill that place with cats and dogs like they did in Mitzrayim, to "prevent" him to use his nose?

    It doesn't work, when the klipot fall, the animals that are connected to the klipot will be gone too, and klipat noga will be part of Light Ha Torah!
    By every little MITZVA that any of Am Israel performed.
    By that that, we are connected to Gan Eden and the beauty of our forefathers.
    Do not fear, just get the chametz out for real!
    Then no connection to the Mitzrim will hold down!
    Chag Sameah!

  9. Don't our Sages tell us that at this time of history, most rabbis will be of the erev rav? Also, by reading who is connected to the organization behind this endeavor, you can see where it's going. The erev rav are doing all they can to connect Esav and Yishmael with Yisrael to undo Torah! What else can we expect from a mayor who is beaming with delight with all these chilulim going on. Events are playing themselves out as foretold by our neviim and chazal.


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