30 April 2017

Are They Coming to Unite With or to Divide Jerusalem?

4 Iyyar 5777
Day 19 of the Omer

You've probably seen a sticker like this somewhere showing USA in bold letters at the center of the word Jerusalem. But, you probably have not seen it quite like this.

America says (and most Jews believe it) that Israel has no greater friend and ally than the USA. But, there are those who suspect that nefarious plans are being laid by The Powers That Be (TPTB) to somehow take control of Jerusalem.And reports like this one don't dispell their doubts.
Trump on embassy move to Jerusalem: Ask me in a month
DEBKAfile April 28, 2017, 9:48 AM (IDT)US President Donald Trump refused to confirm the prediction by Florida Republican Rep Ron DeSantis that he would announce the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem when he visits Israel in late May. In answer to a question, the president said: “Ask me in a month on that.” He went on to say: “I want to see peace with Israel and the Palestinians. There is no reason there’s not peace between Israel and the Palestinians — none whatsoever.” Trump receives Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in the White House on May 3.
President Trump will be visiting Israel for the first time in office during the week when Israelis will be celebrating 50 years of a reunited Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. I personally have no fear whatever that TPTB will give ancient Jerusalem to the Arabs to be the capital of a Palestinian State. But, I do worry that they will do what they have always planned to do and that is take it from both the Arabs and the Jews and internationalize it. The West, led by the Pope, will never allow the Christian holy places to be placed in the hands of the WAKF.

And if the true indicator of what is going on behind the scenes vis a vis Israel and the Jews is the natural disasters HKB"H sends their way then they are plotting against us, then this video might be telling us that there is what to be concerned about.

Jaw-Dropping* 'Superstorm' rapidly forms covering HALF of USA! 


  1. I would hope that Trump surprises the world, and announces the moving of the Embassy to Jerusalem and (maybe) a Mezuzza will be afixed to the door of the building they have been scouring around for recently. Like Russia boldly said, “they recognize West Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel,” which leaves East Jerusalem as the capital of …. This may be what Trump offers AbASS at their meeting before coming to Israel.

    1. After 100 days of evidence, the naivete remains. If he does such a thing, it won't be good for the Jews. It will just be the first step to a complete takeover of Jerusalem. That is what they have always wanted. As Glen Beck told the world, that's where the power lies.

  2. Does anyone besides me have a problem with this statement: "There is no reason there’s not peace between Israel and the Palestinians — none whatsoever.”

  3. Yes, Devash, I have a big problem with the statement. I have a problem with him stating I'm a Nationalist and a Globalist. UN and Europe are Globalists and they want Israel to disappear. I don't trust Trump or any of his advisors , including any of his Jewish ones. Especially his children and son in in law. Hashem manifests Himself through nature.. Isn't this obvious? Hashem wants repentance. How much will He have to do to get those in spiritual comas to awaken.

    1. For starters, trump is a pawn in all this as in they hired this clown and gave him a script.
      Now all the evil villains have taken over every place on the planet and are distorting the balance of nature, culture, traditional g-d worshipping religions including traditional islam, distorting the world ethnicity which is causing many of todays problems!!!
      Even before this big and insane mess we call a world the jews particularely in america have been declining for decades and now if you see jewry in america today, you could have a heart attack or kill yourself from this abomination that has become zombified judaism with no morals, no heart, no tradition, no feeling, no protection of the youth, almost no observance, on and forever and the best way to reach any of them is to beat the dump out of them.
      Think of it like sleeping beauty and prince charming but instead of sleeping beauty, we call her sleeping ugly and she needs a tough muscular bold black guy to beat her to give sense to her and wake her up.

  4. Whatever happened to us knowing that HaShem controls the minds of the Kings of the world!? There is a reason why Trump is President. Yes, to be instrumental in bringing (or helping hasten) the Geula.

  5. I agree that there is an agenda to internationalize Jerusalem. I saw, a few years ago, an IMAX film in Los Angeles titled "Jerusalem". It was awful. It showed how everybody is doing everything there including on Har Habayit. And they full-on stated in the film that Jerusalem belongs to everyone. It was appropriate that I saw the film somewhat before Tisha B'av. Gave me what to cry about. :(

  6. Esau wants Jerusalem.... Well, everyone else, too, but...

    I still thinks it's telling and NO coincidence as to the location of the relatively new U. S. Consulate building in Jerusalem.

    Won't it simply get a redesignation as embassy? Surely the U. S. government could not possibly justify the building of a new structure, especially when this one is so new. Add on? Sure, but not build a new one.

    Meanwhile, in Tel Aviv the newly designated consulate will have extra room for new "projects." מי שמבין יבין

    How convenient!

    The Truth about Moving the U. S. Embassy to Jerusalem