05 December 2014

The "Loser" Israeli Regime

13 Kislev 5775
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

G-d save us from sordid Israeli politics and the clueless Israelis who continue to invest themselves in this charade of elections! 

Because the Land of Israel is the holiest of all lands, it consequently attracts the unholiest of people - the Erev Rav and Amalek. The vast majority (if not all) of Israeli politicians fall into one of these groups. They are from the very dregs of our society and yet they rise to high positions and with great hubris, they seek to crown themselves 'king' in place of the Almighty. They want nothing more than to rule and to corrupt and destroy everything truly Jewish.

There is not room on this blog to list all their misdeeds, but I'd like to share a couple of noteworthy examples that came to my attention yesterday.

(h/t Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi)

"כי עוד אאמין גם באדם גם ברוחו, רוח עז"
This is the new 50-sheqel bill which was put into circulation by Finance Minister Yair Lapid. Instead of the "In God We Trust" sentiment found on the American dollar bill, this one says "Because I still believe in man as well as his spirit, a mighty spirit". An apt expression for someone of the generation of the Tower of Bavel.

Then, it was reported that a kippah-wearing MK with one of the secular parties, in the damnable spirit of Amalek, had the gall to state in a public conference:

"We have to hope, we need to pray, but to be rational,” he explained. “In the places that I am aware of, when we only trusted G-d, we lost out.”

Thank G-d Almighty that He is ultimately in control and that the perception of their power in this world is only an illusion. Please G-d that we might yet live and survive to see their ultimate downfall and punishment and the victory of holiness over unholiness, and of purity over impurity!

Shabbat shalom!

PS: I forgot to tell you, it was also reported that the so-called "Jewish Home" party will be running a Christian Arab woman on their list in the next election. This great representative of the dati-leumi community is no different from the secular Zionist movement which has brought us to the dire straits that we face today. 

There is no place for any Christian Arabs in the real Jewish Homeland!