09 December 2014

Israeli Politics: The Movie - Netanyahu I and II

17 Kislev 5775

Actions speak louder than words, but when the politician has a gift for charming voters with his rhetoric, sometimes the words can drown out the deeds.

Someone asked what I thought about this Debkafile article...
Obama set on obstructing Netanyahu’s re-election
President Barack Obama and his White House National Security team headed by Susan Rice have decided to seize on the political crisis besetting the Israeli government and the upcoming general election on March 17 for action to bar Binyamin Netanyahu’s reelection to a fourth term as prime minister.
...The US administration has begun hinting that it may emulate the Europeans by turning the screws on Israel as punishment for the prime minister’s signature policy of developing West Bank and Jerusalem development construction.
It's no secret to long-time readers that I have always held to the opinion that Binyamin Netanyahu was recruited and groomed from a young age for service to the United States government as a plant or puppet. 

The "Left" may have brought us Oslo, but the "Right" has carried it out. 

In the 21 years since the Oslo Accords were signed in Washington, D.C., Binyamin Netanyahu has served in some capacity in the Israeli government for all but 5 1/2 of them.

Prime Minister          Jun  1996 - July 1999
Foreign Minister       Nov 2002 - Feb  2003
Finance Minister       Feb 2003 - Aug  2005
Opposition Leader    Mar 2006 - Mar 2009
Prime Minister          Mar 2009 - Dec  2012
Foreign Minister       Dec  2012  - Nov 2013
Prime Minister          Nov 2013 to Present

During this time...
  • He GAVE UP the City of our Patriarchs - Hebron - in the Wye Agreement.
  • He did NOT vote AGAINST the "disengagement".
  • He "EMBRACED" the "Two-State Solution."
  • He did NOT get Pollard out of prison.
  • He FAILED to finish the war AGAINST HAMAS in Gaza not once, not twice, but THREE times.
  • He FAILED to act on the Levy Report which concluded that "Israel's presence in the West Bank is not an occupation, and that the Israeli settlements are legal under international law. It recommend[ed] the legalization of unauthorized Jewish settlement outposts by the state, and provide[d] proposals for new guidelines for settlement construction."
  • He issued tenders, but FAILED to build. At the same time, more and more Jewish construction was demolished.
  • He just recenty headed the most anti-Torah government in the history of the modern state.
I think that if you have placed a puppet on the throne, you will go out of your way to make it appear as if you want nothing more than to see him removed. It's called reverse psychology. Terrorism is pushing the Israeli public rightwards politically. In order to keep their man in power, the US must continue to play the part of spoiler so that Netanyahu will be perceived as the big right-wing savior - all the time carrying out the policies of the West.

But, just in case this ruse begins wearing thin, there is a back-up plan - a younger, "religious" version of Bibi - Netanyahu II: Naftali (99.9% of the Arabs are loyal) Bennett

It's like a bad "B" (for Binyamin and Bennett) movie. The script is predictable as long as you don't fall into the trap of believing it's for real.

I've come to the conclusion that the US has no intention to ever establish a Palestinian State. The constant push "back to the table for talks" is all part of a plan for wearing down both the Israeli and the Arab publics. It's a trick to get one of us to invite them in to settle the differences so they can take over and never leave.

All of the news sites are propaganda machines. Only by realizing this, can we hope to infer from their lies what the underlying goal and the hidden agenda is.


PS: An alternative title for this post could be The US War of Attrition on Israel. Someone asked me, why go to new elections if Netanyahu is in their pocket already. You must remember that the motto of the globalists is "Order from Chaos." If the people are not yet softened up enough, hit 'em with some more chaos until they beg for order to be restored.

They want us to believe we have no one to rely upon except THEM! That's why it is so critical that we understand that WE HAVE NO ONE UPON WHOM TO RELY EXCEPT OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!!