21 December 2014

Politics As Usual

29 Kislev 5775
Erev Rosh Chodesh
5th Candle of Hanukah

We gave Uri Ariel and his Tekuma faction the benefit of the doubt, but apparently his "principled" stand against the policies of the so-called Bayit Yehudi was nothing more than "politics as usual".
Religious right to remain unified after Bayit Yehudi votes against split
Members of a rightwing faction within the religious-Zionist Bayit Yehudi party decided not to split from Naftali Bennett's leadership, thus ending speculation that current Housing Minister Uri Ariel would join former Shas leader Eli Yishai's new party to form a formidable right wing party.
What a pity!

And Tzipi Livni just won't quit!
Livni takes credit for ‘guarding Israeli interests’ at UN
Following report of Kerry blocking vote on Palestinian bid before Israeli elections, Hatnua leader says she helped spur US to stall.
...The diplomat also said that Kerry spoke about a warning issued to him by Livni and Peres that a favorable UN vote “imposed by the international community would reinforce Benjamin Netanyahu and the hardliners in Israel.”
She's really not interested in democracy. She was not elected to be Prime Minister to represent all the people of Israel, but she will go behind the Prime Minister and the people's backs and make private deals to benefit herself as if the power is hers. What she really wants is to be Queen of Israel. She wants to rule without interference from those who don't recognize her supremacy and who don't rise to her stature as she sees it. 

If all the enemies of Israel return at the End of Days, then Tzipi Livni must be Jezebel, the non-Jewish Queen of Israel in the time of Eliyahu HaNavi.

Like I said... Politics as usual - unfortunately for us.

Last, but not least, Yehuda Glick announced he's running for a spot on the Likud list. I guess he wants to stay close to his friend Moshe Feiglin, who after convincing many good Jews to support his 15-year rise to head of the party, has now declined to pursue that goal. I didn't understand his explanation, but in any case, I don't care. I saw the folly in that expectation right from the beginning.

When I think of these two, the warning about "false messiahs" comes to mind. There is so much deception out there and evil masquerading as righteousness, that we really have to be very careful to examine everything and everyone very closely for adherence to Torah truth.  Take this clip from a recent interview for example...

So, his vision of the Third Temple is a place where adherents to false religions whose very existence denies the truth of Torah will be welcomed alongside Jews, but NOT those Jews who would forbid same. By his definition, Rabbi Kahane and the Maccabees themselves would not be welcome on the Temple Mount! And not the real Mashiach neither!!

Is it any wonder that the Temple Mount is not in our hands yet? Thank G-d! It's bad enough what's already there, but a One-World-Religion Temple where all pray together to their various idols would be much, much worse.