29 April 2014

Thank G-d for Soldiers Like These!

29 Nisan 5774
Yom Kippur Katan
Day 14 of the Omer

These are the courageous young men who will fight with Mashiach Tzidkeinu! May they go from strength to strength and enjoy Hashem's favor and Divine protection!!

From Yeshiva World News...

IDF Soldiers Stand Firmly Behind the Torah HaKadosha

The Mobilizing in Faith (מתגייסים באמונה) organization continues to spread its message, that the Torah is supreme and serving in the IDF does not give one the right to chas v’sholom disobey Halacha.

The organization released a new brief video taken at the same venue where soldier Avraham Shapira announced his commitment to Torah. He has since been jailed after tried by Colonel Eliezer Ben Harush, the commander of Base 22, sentencing him to 30 days imprisonment.

Now, soldier Moshe Ochana sends the same message in light of the border police takeover of the Yitzhar yeshiva building.

Ochana emphasizes one may not obey orders that contradict Halacha. He explains it is prohibited to turn a beis medrash into a military base. Ochana states “My good friend Avraham Shapira made his clear statements here” after the beis medrash was overrun by border police.

Ochana adds that instead of jailing Shapira, he should have received a commendation for his remarks. “I will continue telling it like it is” states Ochana, who warns against anyone complying with IDF orders that contradict the Torah HaKadosha, ending “we must battle the real enemy”.



  1. So not good...so not good....they don't realize that Hashem is the true judge and that this yid is following the true judge by upholding halachah. The spirit.net of Judaism is contained in the holding to the letter of the law...

  2. How beautiful. Finally, soldiers and others are starting to speak up and as more and more do, this great kiddush H' will bring great victory to 'Eretz Yisrael'. Blessings upon these holy soldiers of Israel!

  3. B"H - You must ask yourself the question Tomer Devorah: words matter in Judaism? Oath matter? Well, if the answer is yes they do, how is it that ppl overlook the fact that in order to be in green, in order to be a soldier, the IDF requires these people to swear allegiance to the secular (kofer) State's command-chain. This is directly in contrast with our oath of allegiance to Hashem we made under the Mount in Sinai: We will do and we will understand: In order for these soldiers to be "good" and "holy" they would have to reaffirm their allegiance to Hashem, not to the State. Let's wrap ourselves in the talit, not in the flag, let's worship Hashem, instead of the secular State!

  4. Huge IDF Protest over Soldier's Punishment
    Thousands identify with soldier who was dismissed for cocking his gun when threatened by 3 Arabs.