27 April 2014

"And planted eternal life within us"

27 Nisan 5774
Day 12 of the Omer

Message from Binyamin 
9 Nisan 5774 in Yerushalayim

Our world today is very black, and the good times are gray... It makes us feel bad, depressed, and no one knows why... We try to be happy - but it just doesn't come... We try to cry, but that doesn't come either... We try to find a distraction from various small things, but that also doesn't work...

We're not finding ourselves... Not finding the happiness... Not feeling that we're rising via prayer... Simply feeling neither here nor there, with great fear... Because those who regularly feel some connection with Hashem are also not always feeling it. And those who are running after the 'Golden Calf' - suddenly feel that the hamburger is not so tasty... And the cola - too bitter... And the movies - not interesting... And a great fear. I just want to go over what is 'life' in general and how to look at it.

Once, we talked about how we were sent into this world for a specific period of time in order to repair, and it's like going into the army to undergo training, various exercises in order to prepare the soldier to fight, usually two months, six weeks. So it is with us, in life, this is also for a 'period.' Sometimes a fetus doesn't even become a child, shelo neda; sometimes children leave this world, shelo neda; and sometimes older adults live to be 120... Or even there are people who reach 110... in our days. And in earlier times, there were lives much longer. Methuselah lived to be 900 years old... But in the end - everybody dies. Life ends, our time in the army ends and we go home. But, people fear this. Because they think that all of life - it's the life that we're living now. And when a human being passes away from this world - we're very sad, because he will be missed by us. And this frightens us, because it's terrible to die, shelo neda; to see the body go into the earth and we cover it. Fear of the suffering of the grave - it's very great with human beings, because they don't understand that their life did not begin at their birth, and it doesn't end at their death. it's just a short time, with a lot of work to do.

And in our lives now, for the duration of life, develop relationships with friends, with the wife or the husband, with children and grandchildren, etc., etc. And if, chas v'shalom, one of them is taken away from us, then the world will end for us! But, it's not exactly like that. All of Olam Hazeh - This World - is totally an illusion. It is constructed in a way that we will understand that we have a job to do here, that it's for this that we arrived here. Because there's no other reason for us to be here. So, therefore, right, we're establishing strong relationships with all our relatives, or with part of our relatives, but we have a job to do.

Therefore, when among us we know and understand this, they could return from WWII where they lost, shelo neda, their whole families. Like the Tsanzer Rav, ztz"l, who lost all his children, his wife, and yet, despite this, he arrived in Israel and started a new family and built chasidut and a hospital, etc., etc. So, what!? Certainly, he knew what was dear to him. He understood that all of them, all of them were sent to do a job. And also, his children who were murdered al kidush Hashem - they came for this. Right, it hurt his heart, he loved them, but he was strong, and he knew: now his job - it's to build anew. So, he built. He started from scratch.

The Bobover Rav, ztz"l, went to America with his mother, and with his son, but he left his entire family who were murdered, all his children. And he had a large family that was annihilated, and also his wife. And he built a splendid, exemplary community. A community - many of whom were Jews with a joy for life! It wasn't that he didn't love his children or his wife. He knew that it was a job, a task.

And sometimes Hashem brings us various trials which are for our good, and also for the good of those who are looking at us from this world and we need to make it 'ours.' What does it mean 'ours'? That even if we fall, undergo severe suffering, we're always searching for what is our task. What is our task in this world? Our task - to be close to HKB"H, to do His will, and not to do anything except for this. That's all there is for us to do: to learn Torah and to do His will. Now - we have arrived to the most difficult period and really we are smelling the 'World of Mashiach,' feeling it in every place, in every event happening in the world. Before us stands the hardest times that ever were until now. Indeed, not in the way of the concentration camps in Germany - but, not less dangerous, also to the body, but mainly to the soul.

But, this is the end of all the suffering that has passed us from Adam HaRishon until Mashiach. The first man and his wife sinned and from that moment, we're warring with the snake and we have to constantly fight and go up higher and not to be influenced by the evil, liar snake who brings us to things against HKB"H, shelo neda. And this is the whole task: to remove him from inside and not to pay attention to him in what is outside of us. And to fight against him. That's our task.

Now, since beginning 120 years ago, we've gone down in everything, also in our Yiddishkeit. But, also with the gentiles, there's been a hard descent. And there are very few people in this world who are 'real-Jews,' according to which their soul was at Har Sinai. Our task, the few, it's not to give more to the snake and the Golden Calf to rule over us and to overturn the Jewish religion, the life of a person who is Jewish, the life of Torah, mitzvot and good deeds, a life of true prayer with HKB"H - not to allow the possibility for this contemptible snake to enter inside our heart. 

But now, since beginning the last 100 years, the world is being ruled by gentiles and Jews, big evildoers, idolaters, the richest, who want first and foremost to finish off all the real-Jews, because they, the real ones, will not allow those who are attached to the lie of the Golden Calf, the snake, the Satan, will not permit the evildoers, those who will take off even 'ki hu zeh' from the Jewish religion, the life of Torah, and mitzvot, and good deeds, the life of love for HKB"H.

Therefore, Hitler, who was one of the guys in the group, tried to destroy and annihilate the Jews completely from the world and he failed. Indeed, there are enough antisemites left, even great ones, but he won't succeed. There has arisen today a group that is again trying to destroy us, and they belong directly to the snake, they belong to Edom, they belong to the Satan himself. And again the same war. But, on a larger scale. Very. And this time it will be the final decision! Hashem will slaughter the Satan, the evil inclination, and we will go out free men and we will be few, but upon them will be built the next world. Without memory of the evil inclination, without any memory of the Satan, without memory of all the evildoers who were born from it.

And now, good Jews, real Jews, my brothers and sisters, I just want to say to you that the time has come to say: 'Until here and no further.' Until here - we are ready. But now - it's finished. It's finished! We're not ready! We're not ready to not eat kosher; we're not ready, like we said, that a doctor will be our mohel or to  not make circumcision at all, chas v'shalom; we're not ready for your CORE program that's all gentile, Zionist-gentile; we're not ready to enlist in your army, which is not a Jewish army at all! It's an army of disrepute, spiritual filth, of thieves, etc.; we're not ready to be part of a state that is against HKB"H, not ready to be part of anything that is against HaKadsh Baruch Hu; not ready to smile upon you or to lower the head before you. You are the 'pretend Jews', so it's allowed for us to say 'until here.' And also for the gentiles we don't have to do everything. There are things that we must be killed for rather than to cross over it. So, we've reached this situation now, and all our work, it's to strengthen ourselves that we will say 'until here and no further.' The End.

[See references here. Questions and Answers to follow as time permits, b'li neder.]