02 April 2014

Is the Gateway to Hell About to Open?

2 Nisan 5774

The United States thinks he sits supreme - that he can do as he pleases and no one can take him down: "The wickedness of your heart enticed you, who dwell in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high, who says to himself, 'Who will bring me down to the earth?'" (Ovadia 1:3)

He thinks he can disrupt and destroy millions of lives around the world by "promoting regime change" for personal gain, legalize and promote "gay marriage" around the world and G-d alone knows what else, and there will simply be no consequences: "If you go up high like an eagle, and if you place your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down, says the Lord."

There is a bubbling cauldron already prepared at the gateway to hell. The United States - its people as well as its leaders - had better get some awareness of Who really rules the world and begin to do teshuva before it is too late...

Yellowstone Volcano Eruption in 2014? Are Animals Fleeing Park As ‘An Alert’?

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  1. that's wired, but we can't deny that those animals know the rules: they're running away on the right side of the way!!!

  2. David Persits2/4/14 12:01 PM

    Here is my hiddush, my new interpretation of the pasuk Ovadia 1:3, which strongly supports your theory.
    GEMATRIA of this expression in the pasuk Ovadia 1:3, which seems to hint to the Yellowstone Caldera with its magma lake laying in wait (שכני) deep below the rock (בחגוי סלע), gematria of this expression שכני בחגוי סלע is 569 and IT EQUALS GEMATRIA OF THE NAME "YELLOWSTONE" (if transliterated exactly as pronounced in english) יאלווסתון which is also 569 !!! Here you have an additional STRONG HINT supportring your theory and your choise of this pasuk Ovadia 1:3 as related to these events in Yellowstone.
    With this interpretation of שכני בחגוי סלע as referring to the MAGMA LAKE below Yellowstone, we can easily interprete the rest of the pasuk Ovadia 1:3 in the same context as "THE WICKEDNESS OF YOUR HEART" (זדון לבך) (the wickedness of the heart of USA which is ESAV, about whom prophesized Ovadia, ger tzedek from Esav) "LETS RAISE UP, LETS ELEVATE, FOR YOU" (השיאך) (here in this word the root is שיא which means also "raise up, elevate" and the grammatic form השיא is casuative form which can be translated as "let rase up, let elevate" and the suffix at the end of השיאך translates "for you" and means "for your punishment") "THAT WHICH DWELLS LAYING IN WAIT" (שכני) "IN THE CLEFTS OF THE ROCK" (בחגוי סלע) (which is the hint to the magma lake of Yellowstone Caldera laying in wait deep below the rock of the earth crust there) "VERY HIGH" (מרום) (this word מרום "very hign" belongs to the previous השיאך "lets raise up" and clearly describes a volcano eruption when this magma lake under the rock is let to raise up very high).
    Thus this whole phrase זדון לבך השיאך שכני בחגוי סלע מרום could be translated as "THE WICKEDNESS OF YOUR HEART" (heart of USA=ESAV) "LETS RAISE UP VERY HIGH" (in a volcano eruption) "FOR YOU" (for your, Esav, punishment) "THAT WHICH DWELLS LAYING IN WAIT IN THE CLEFTS OF THE ROCK" (the magma lake of the Yellowstone Caldera).

    ברוך ה" לעולם אמן ואמן

  3. David,

    Very interesting.


    When I first saw your headline, I was sure you were referring to Iceland's Hekla volcano, which is about to erupt according to news reports and is called "The Gateway to Hell" in both non-Jewish and Jewish sources.

  4. Yaak - I didn't know that. Stands to reason though. Thanks for educating me. ;-)

  5. david lowenstein. -America will never be humble. it thinks it is greater than Hashem himself.