29 May 2013

"Hitler kettle" @ JC Penney

20 Sivan 5773

'Hitler kettle' advertised on US billboard

American retailer JC Penney has been criticized on Twitter and Reddit for advertising a kettle that bore a remarkable resemblance to Adolf Hitler, the Huffington Post reported Tuesday.

The 10-foot tall billboard, which stands on the 405 highway near Culver City in California, has led several motorists to stop and take pictures, posting images of the appliance across microblogging sites.

"That Hitler looks like a kettle," commented one user of Reddit.

"He even has his right arm extended," wrote another, while a third added: "I'm a little Nazi, short and stout."

ccording to the British Daily Mail newspaper, another motorist tweeted: "Every time I see that JC Penney billboard with the teapot, I keep seeing Hitler. Seriously, the thing looks exactly like Hitler."

Proving the billboard may not be the best advertising for the retailer, another commuter tweeted: "Uh, no thanks, JC Penney. I don't think I want your HITLER teapot."

Other social media users added that they dreaded to think what the store's pressure cookers must look like.

Questions: Are we really to assume that this 'diabolical' tea kettle was designed purposely to bring Hitler to mind? And if not, how did such a thing occur?  Also, if so many people are able to see Hitler hidden in the tea kettle now, why didn't anyone see it before it was produced and marketed?

Conclusions: Even something as mundane as a tea kettle can have cosmic consequences. Hitler was Amalek and Amalek has not yet been eradicated from this world. It's a message from Heaven telling us that Amalek is still among us and can be found in the most innocuous-looking packaging. It's a mitzvah to eradicate Amalek from the world. Maybe we need reminding.

It's a sad state of affairs if HKB"H can only get our attention by advertising on a billboard!

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