26 October 2012

What is it about Louisiana?

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I mean, Las Vegas? San Francisco? LA? NY? DC? Yeah, I could understand those places possibly being eligible for modern day Sodom and Amorah status. But, New Orleans and vicinity?

Why was Louisiana Heaven's choice for the site of the worst natural disaster ever in US history (Hurricane Katrina - 2005) and why did Louisiana suffer more than any other Gulf state from the worst environmental disaster ever in US history (Deepwater Horizon explosion - 2010)?

And, so now, why is the Bayou Corne sinkhole in Louisiana (that's New Orleans up to the right of it on the map) the site of what's being called "...a historical event, unprecedented globally,...."

Why davka Louisiana?

Sinkhole unprecedented globally, heed evacuation order, geologist says

The Bayou Corne sinkhole is truly a historical event, unprecedented globally, according to a geologist who addressed a group of residents, evacuees and others Tuesday night in Pierre Part at a briefing high with emotions at times, such as when the mandatory evacuation issue was addressed.

"In the history of this type of event, this is very unique,” said Dr. Gary Hecox, geologist with Shaw Environmental stated at the resident meeting Tuesday night. Upset citizens fired one after another question after the officials gave presentation updating the locals with their latest updates about the disaster.

“Nobody ever dealt with something like this,” said Hecox, technical advisor with Shaw Environmental Group that has been contracted by Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to help attempt to manage the monster sinkhole, area leaking gases and crude, and earthquakes plaguing nearby communities for over four months.

...Extra experts are being hired to try to find and implement a solution, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources director Stephen Chustz told evacuees and other residents at the meeting.

Probably there would not be more sinkholes forming. Instead, if anything, the existing sinkhole would just get bigger, according to Hecox. Even another official on Tuesday night, however, questioned that, and tried to obtain more information.

“There is no cookbook," he stated matter-of-factly. "There’s not even any decent case studies people how to proceed when you’ve had a cavern collapse 5,000 feet below ground, you’ve had to frack out to the surface in the form of a sinkhole, and you have natural gas and crude oil coming in and bubbling up all over.

...Many people have not heeded the evacuation order. Many more are excluded from the mandatory evacuation zone that was based purely on the township boundaries, not areas where the human impact is being experienced, including chemicals in the air and seismic activity.

Two days ago, a jolt was felt by some people not in the mandatory evacuation zone.

"It felt like i was walking on jello," said Deby Tomlin, who lives just over the zone line.

You can read more here.  Google it and check it out on Youtube.

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  1. It's no mystery why things keep happening here. Mardi Gras, French Quarter, all types of sexual immorality happen here. Everywhere there was immorality to this degree there was a cleansing of some sort with water. These people didn't learn their lesson.