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and encouragement to those anxiously awaiting the final redemption - may it come speedily in our time.

NOTE: I would like it to be understood that when I warn Jews in chu"l to come home to Eretz Yisrael, it is not
for the sake of "escaping" some dire fate. It is a call to do teshuvah for the sin of rejecting HKB"H's magnificent
gift to His nation - Eretz Yisrael HaKodesh.

29 October 2012

"Sandy" Quotes

14 Marcheshvan 5773

"This is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes," Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy warned. An expected storm surge at midnight could raise water levels to 11 feet above normal high tide, bringing "the potential to cause unprecedented damage."

"It could be bad," said U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. Steven Rattior, "or it could be devastation."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie put it most bluntly: "Don't be stupid. Get out!"

"This is not a typical storm. It could very well be historic in nature and in scope and in magnitude because of the widespread anticipated power outages, flooding and potential major wind damage," Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said, speaking of his state but just as well about many others in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.
"Essentially, this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter."
(Sandy could bring 'catastrophe,' impact 60 million)

Officials in Ocean City, NJ "the ocean has met the bay, we have never seen anything like this".


Latest update (6pm IT): Monster storm system packs maximum sustained winds of about 90 mph. The hurricane's wind speed has increased 15 mph over the past 12 hours. power already out to 10,000 in NYC, Long Island.

New York: The 'City That Never Sleeps' goes quiet

Water breaches promenade at Manhattan’s Battery Park


The last 'Frankenstorm': Video of the 1938 nor'easter that ravaged New England
Historic footage of a deadly storm offers clues about what to expect from Hurricane Sandy

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