20 December 2011

Judaism and EY being sold out by the Erev Rav

25 Kislev 5772
1st candle of Hanukah

The "Other Side" of Torah

A regular stream of Israeli and Diaspora rabbis, political, and community leaders are now gracing evangelical and messianic churches and television networks. They diligently sow the seeds of Christian love for the Holy Land and get to reap the benefits from inspired congregants via "offering baskets” and on-air solicitation.

But as various messianic Christian Hebraic Roots sects endeavor to implant themselves as an integral part of normative Judaism, Jewish leadership continues to be both mesmerized by the overtures and oblivious to the damage being done to the Torah, the land of Israel and its people.

...In September 2011, Lea Goldsmith, wife of the head of Itamar's local council Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith, literally sang to the messianic Christian congregants "We're home in this place" and went on to say, "If I can call anyplace outside of Israel home, it's El Shaddai…my best friends."

...At the very same time the collection basket is being passed around, and prayers for healthy donations are offered in the name of Jesus, congregants are asking some pretty loaded questions about the possibility of living in Israel. But without flinching, Jewish rabbis and activists like Jeremy Gimpel and Rabbi Goldsmithare not just inviting devout Christians to visit Israel, they are asking them to come and live in Israel. Gimpel includes these people among the "remnant" of Israel.

...Last week, David HaIvri appeared with Tommy Waller on GLC's Light of the Southwest. On the Christian program, which is dedicated to spreading the gospel of jesus, David HaIvri sits comfortably as Tommy Waller quotes from the new testament and calls on thousands of believers in jesus to make their presence felt in the hills of Samaria. The co-host of the show makes it clear that although Tommy can't verbally express his jesus agenda in Israel, the job is getting done through his actions.

Report by Jewish Israel. Read the whole excellent, if nauseating, thing here.