"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

05 December 2011

Fighting Antisemitism - A Losing Proposition

9 Kislev 5772

People look back at the time just preceding the Shoah and shake their heads. When antisemitism grew to such terrible proportions, why didn't the Jews just leave? Why did they wait until it was too late? Well, many of them did get out, at the very first sign of trouble - the smart ones; the ones who understand what antisemitism is and where it comes from. The rest hoped it would die down with time and go back to sleep. It was just so hard to think about uprooting and moving on. After all, there were parnasa and children's educations to consider as well as a home and community into which a lifetime had been invested.

Those who do not understand the phenomenon think it is their duty to fight antisemitism. They build museums and create educational programs and lobby for political support. They think that by keeping the memory of the victims alive, by educating toward pluralism and by passing laws, antisemitism can be defeated once and for all. Are they right? Should we be fighting antisemitism?

Viewed historically, it is clear that antisemitism is a tool Hashem uses to uproot Jews from places where they should never have developed roots in the first place. It's both a reminder that the places of dispersion are not our homes - that we are merely visitors who've overstayed our welcome - and it's an antidote to assimilation. So, viewed from that perspective, fighting antisemitism would be like trying to fight G-d Almighty. In which case, it simply can't be done. Better to recognize that fact and work with the program rather than engage in a battle that is lost from the start.

When Hashem sets out on a program of using antisemitism in order to get the Jews out of their rut, it's a sign that it is already very late in the game and there isn't much time left. For the Jews of the West, 9/11 was the great shofar telling them it was now most definitely time to leave. There has been a ten year grace period in which to make arrangements and get used to the idea of moving on. If you're still entrenched with no idea whatever that you have to get up and go, the awakening of antisemitic attacks is the train's whistle blowing. Only moments remain before the train leaves for the last time - perhaps before a different train will take you where you also don't want to go, G-d forbid!

Arsonists Destroy Florida Jewish Bookstore

A raging fire set by anti-Semitic arsonists destroyed $100,000 worth of holy objects in a Florida Jewish bookstore.

A surveillance camera disclosed that just before the fire broke out, several people were seen running away from the South Florida Judaica store, which was stocked with items for sale for Hanukkah. Firefighting officials said they are sure the blaze was the result of arson, and added that the back door of the store apparently had been kicked in. ...Anti-Semitism and hate crimes in the United States occur almost daily.

If you read the news, you are well aware that this is not an isolated incident. Read the swastikas on the wall, good Jews! Return to your ancient homeland!