"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

16 December 2011

"Before the Explosion"

20 Kislev 5772

Before the Explosion

Binyamin Golden
3 Kislev 5772

Woe to Am Yisrael! There are no zealots. There are almost no zealots already. And how is it possible to continue the generations without zealots for Hashem!? There are almost no Jewish radicals - extremists - in closeness to Hashem and in service of Hashem. There are almost none. Only a few are ready to sacrifice themselves for the truth. And this is very scary, because the chareidi street is breached, and dangerous, and hostile to everything that pertains to the truth. There are groups of hooligans, of thugs, who control most of the knowledge of the community and they work on behalf of so-called ‘tzadikim,’ big politicos who supposedly want the good of Am Yisrael. This situation is not new in the history of the Jews. There were thugs who because of them the Temple was destroyed in the end. And today, it’s also this way. Only that we don’t have a Temple. But the great communities of Jews, ‘so-called mitzvah observant’ – these thugs with their leadership are destroyers. And in the near future, the situation will worsen very much. The hooligans will control more together with their managers, and a person who really wants truth and wants to come closer to Hashem, he will be like ‘the weird one,’ and ‘the not pertaining to Yiddishkeit.’ [Isaiah 59:15 – “…he who turns away from evil is considered mad.”] But Hashem will take care of all these, who are in deed, souls of the Erev Rav.

In the nearest future, World War 3 will officially begin. And in the nearer future, there will be a fall in the world of materialism, unlike anything that ever was in history and this, together with the hardest world war that was not once because of the advanced and dangerous and lethal weapon of today, both these factors - will destroy and demolish very much of the world, including the Jewish communities and there will remain a relatively small amount of Jews to receive our righteous Mashiach.

But, we, the Jews who really want truth, we know that this was foretold in many prophecies. And very many great and righteous ones from previous generations wrote clearly, that in this generation – the majority of the Jews would be from the Erev Rav. But this will destroy most of the communities, because if the situation continues thus, that the hooligans rule – then the next generation will be less similar to true Jews, and the generation after this, already won’t be Jews at all. Therefore, the whole world is now going through a birur – a clarification. And the Jews who want to be true Jews, whose souls were at Har Sinai – they will be saved. The rest will disappear [Even Shleimah for the GR”A, 11] .

Do not fear! Jews pursue truth, don’t fear! Hashem is with you! And with G-d’s help, those who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the truth, for the sake of the next generation, who will be “erliche yidden,” Jews like those who will pass through the vast difficulty which stands before us in the near future. And whoever is more assured in HKB”H, whoever is ready to live on Kiddush Hashem, it doesn’t matter what the friends around us say, whoever really loves HKB”H, he will survive, with G-d’s help, and will get through this relatively easily.

Yes, the Zionists will fall. And whoever goes against HKB”H will fall – and especially the Zionists. And with great sorrow, there are many Jews who are not Zionists or at least, not officially Zionists, who will fall. In every Jewish community, if it’s secular, reform, religious or chareidi, currently – whoever leads the communities, usually, they lead it like goyim, and not in the way of truth. And this is also written in the prophecies and words of the chachamim, great tzadikim from previous generations. Yes, the majority are not true. They don’t lead the communities in truth. There is thievery, there are deals between the chareidim and the seculars, and everything on the back of the simple Jew. Exactly like they are leading the state, thus they manage the communities, and in all the world, it’s like this.

They’ve forgotten what it is to be a true Jew, how a real Jew appears. So connected to the golden calf. To travel, to fly several times a year, surely for the sake of mitzvot, for all kinds of reasons, but they also travel to make Pesach in Switzerland, and perhaps to do a bit of skiing and they say, “And what’s wrong with skiing!? Really! I asked my posek and he said that skiing – this exercise is good and without any problem halachicly. Why not!?”

And these poskim. Yes, the adjudicators of Jewish law. All the administration of all the communities, the administration of the State – the State of Israel, the administration of the United States, of Russia, of all the European lands, of the UN, etc, - it’s all the same thing: on the basis of money and power, but not on the basis of Yiddishkeit. Here and there, there are a few Jews, courageous, who with all their strength, with all their resources, are not ready to abandon the true connection with HKB”H. And today, they besmirch them and laugh at them. But, in the near future, they will be, how do they say on the street? On top of the world!

I really want to talk about the tzadikim who have gone away from This World. The Jews continue to celebrate. They cry in the first minute, and are sorry that this tzadik or another is niftar. They’re a bit in shock, when in one day four tzadikim disappeared from the world. But, many of them simply decide: “Nu, They fell for our sakes. They went “al kiddush Hashem,” in order that we the Jews will not suffer. They take from us the difficult tikun, and now we can continue our regular lives in happiness.” To my sorrow, this is the approach of a majority of people, a majority of the Jews. [Jeremiah 2:29 – “Why should you strive with Me? All of you have rebelled against Me, says the Lord.“] Because the majority don’t feel like orphans. And it’s like there are orphans whose father has died, lo aleynu, and also their mother has died, lo aleynu, but they have many uncles and aunts who take them to the amusement park and buy them presents, and give them everything they want and they simply enjoy life. And about their mother and their father – they don’t think at all. [Orphans are we and we have no father. Lamentations 5:3]

This is how we are. We try to derive pleasure from the material world. It’s not everybody, but it’s the majority. And when we hear that the tzadikim, that they are the messengers to be our shepherds in This World, that they’re disappearing, we also don’t pay so much attention aside from the same day. Because we have other entertainments and everything with a “hechsher” and even the hechsherim are the best. It’s impossible to be sad. It’s forbidden to be sad. It will lead to depression! We want happiness, we want to celebrate, and want to continue the party. But whether they want to or not – the party will finish in the near future and instead of a party, they will eat dust. And instead of all the materialism that was theirs, and instead of all the luxury and all their toys – they will have fire. And they will suffer very much and disappear. And if there is among them a true Jewish neshama – Hashem will bring him to the truth. In the end, he will receive the truth, and He will save him. But, after much suffering.

So, Am Yisrael, if you don’t want to suffer, it’s worthwhile to throw away all the ice cream and chocolates, in order that at the end, you won’t have to eat dust. [Zephaniah 1:17 – “And their blood shall be shed like dust, and their flesh like dung.”] And those who are Erev Rav, they can’t change or do teshuva, because their souls are not Jewish. Their souls can’t tolerate the Torah and mitzvoth. They dilute the Torah and mitzvoth. And even though many of them appear righteous, they draw Am Yisrael in the direction of spiritual danger, instead of pulling Am Yisrael back to the truth.

I’ll tell you once more. In the near future, the world stands to fall from every direction – economically, at the same time will be a descent so hard that there will be people without money and even for food from moment to moment. The money will simply evaporate inside the computers. There could be a rich man, who will be left only with his credit card and a few dollars in his pocket and he won’t have even enough money for the grocery. It will be in Europe and in America and other places and in Israel it will be difficult. In the beginning it won’t be felt to such an extent, but hard enough, and even very hard. And whoever is very connected to the golden calf and doesn’t trust in HKB”H and doesn’t really believe that He is Omnipotent and that He gives everything to us and that there is not a thing that we receive that is not from Him, because everything He gives to us. Whoever in his heart doesn’t really believe in this – then he can simply die from shock. But those who believe and trust know that Hashem gives us everything. And also when there is no money, and we don’t see food, He can also give us manna, and He can give us “Miriam’s well” to drink, and we have nothing from which to fear at all.

Aside from this, a little more and the war will begin. Really a little more. And this war about modesty – it’s the introductory part. The first of the world war. And now will come war supposedly because of Israel, or about Israel, but most of the war will be outside of Israel. And it will be the hardest war. More I can’t tell. Only to remind you that two thirds of the world will be destroyed, but not Eretz Yisrael. [Zechariah 13, Joel 3, Ovadiah] It will be the scariest, and most of the population of the world will disappear and Hashem will help us merit to receive our righteous Mashiach, all of us, and that all the true Jews will do complete teshuva and that we will pass through the coming period with ease and with mercy.