29 November 2010

"...the 9/11 of world diplomacy..."

23 Kislev 5771

That's what some are saying about the Wikileaks revelations.

My comments:

Davka at Hanukah, the time when the Light of 36 (Hanukah candles) begins to shine...

Two powerful signs of redemption---

1) The World of Truth is overtaking the World of Lies

2) Another prop holding up the Evil Empire has been knocked out from under it.

Foreign Policy Meltdown
Leaked Cables Reveal True US Worldview


  1. ahhh yes, the world of truth is overtaking the world of lies. How true! i did not see it like that. Interesting point. What is scary is the amount -extent of loshon hora and rechilus and onas devorim that is going on with the leaks. Yes, I know that most involved are not jewish. That does not matter. It's the principle that one person and his organization could actually put the world in jeapardy due to an insatiable desire to tell others what others have sid abiout others. Rechilus....scary to say the least.

  2. Well, you have a point up until you say "one person and his organization could actually put the whole world in jeopardy." That's not a true statement and I think you know it. Furthermore the motivation goes much deeper than that and I think you know that, too.

    However it does offer another object lesson. Know that whatever you have spoken in private will one day be revealed for all to hear before the Great Throne of Judgment. It's all being recorded in Shamayim.