07 November 2010

Leaving Egypt


30 Marcheshvan 5771

"...not since the days of the Pharaohs or the more ludicrous Roman Emperors has a head of state travelled in such pomp and expensive grandeur as the President of the United States of America."

This observation comes from a report in Britain's Daily Mail. Interesting that the writer would mention the leaders of the two exiles most embodied by America today. This blog and others have made this connection before.

This is an important and timely reminder that we are all still in exile and that America is just a reincarnation of ancient Egypt. And it will meet the same end---utter devastation and destruction. And the Jews who are connected to it, both physically and emotionally, will, G-d forbid! be lost there and never journey out to enter the Promised Land. (The exceptions are those souls who recognize it for what it is, but are trapped there and are begging Hashem every day to redeem them from there.)

America is a hateful and heartless enemy that only pretends to be righteous---like a chazir pretends to be kosher. Another holocaust is taking place there even as I write this. How many Jewish souls have been lost to the silent holocaust of rampant assimilation? And today, it is even being exported to every corner of the world, including Eretz Yisrael!! Hashem have mercy and deliver us NOW!!

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  1. Welcome back Devorah... I advice all your readers to get to know a man who is usually right on target Gerald Celente . Though an antisemite, listen to his words about the fall of America . Irony has it that he's predicting 20% will survive there in the USA ..Sound familiar??? thats exactly the amount of Jews who left Egypt!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/geraldcelentechannel?blend=1&ob=4