02 September 2010

"Response to Terrorists"

See Mashiach's Wife's commentary on the most recent attacks.

Also, check out Jewish Israel's latest.

I'd just like to add to what Mashiach's Wife said that the Midyanites posed 'only' a spiritual danger to us and yet we were ordered to wipe them out. And when we came into our own land and were told to get rid of the seven nations, the primary reason given is that we would be drawn to worship their gods or to utilise their rituals in the worship of God Almighty, God forbid! Making friends with our enemies has always presented a greater danger to us than being at war with them.


  1. Why does isr. need 'friends' from the 70 nations when Hashemis your friend?
    Ofcourse there are very sincere believing gentiles among the 70 nations who love and respect the holy land, and truly see isr. as a light to all nations.

  2. And don't forget, the people of Shechem merely wanted to intermarry with us and share in our fortune. We know what became of them.

  3. MW, of course you're right.

    10rainbow, too few of us see that as clearly as you do, but remember that this is because it is a test for Jews and the Satan works on them tremendously to make them forget this truth.

    I'd just like to say again, how appreciative we are of all the truly righteous gentiles like you who have given up every form of idolatry and live according to the Sheva Mitzvot Bnei Noah. The Creator should bless you with the deepest desires of your heart for your children.