17 September 2010


Erev Yom Kippur
9 Tishrei 5771

Every tailor and seamstress knows that the "wrong" side of the fabric looks nothing like the "right" side. Sometimes it is even an entirely different color altogether.

Hashem shows us the "wrong" side of the fabric most of the time for His own reasons which I won't try to go into here, but it is possible to get a glimpse of the "right" side occasionally. There we see the whole beautiful harmonious pattern in all its glory.

Take for example this week's "peace" talks. Clinton and Mitchell were here in Jerusalem doing their damnedest to begin a major dismantling of the State of Israel. They plan to have the borders of Palestine set in three months. Before that was even finished, Mitchell was rushing off to Syria with Bibi's map for a "withdrawal" from the Golan Heights. Bibi and Barak are working overtime it seems to conduct the firesale of all time.

All of this would be pretty depressing if we did not also see that this all plays right into Hashem's plan to bring the geulah shleimah to His weary children. Hashem knows and we should also, that the Arabs absolutely do not want to make peace with Israel and coexist with us. They want us gone and completely replaced with Palestine. The faster the West pushes them to end the conflict, the quicker will come Gog uMagog---the world's ultimate plan to eliminate Israel. At the moment that the West would impose its "peace" the Arabs will absolutely go to war. That is guaranteed.

What can we do? Don't lose the momentum at the end of the Aserei Ymei HaTeshuva. Continue the process of teshuva every singlItalice day. Continue to perfect your middot and look for every opportunity to perform a mitzvah or chesed. Proceed with your life in faith and the joy of knowing that Hashem IS King and everything He does is for our good. And never lose hope that the geulah could come at any moment, just when we least expect it.

We shouldn't be too upset or worried about the trials and tribulations that assail the hero (Israel) because we already know how the story ends...happily ever after!

I'll end with this inspirational story The Shofar and the Wall from the nice people at Chabad.org.

We should all be blessed with a g'mar chatima tova and the geulah shleimah even at this very moment!


  1. May the whole House of Isr. be inscribed in the Book of Life.
    thanks for the inspiring pep talk. i really needed it after reading the news on the golan. your nation is the light to all nations, soon G-d will make the others accept this. until then we noahides get our strength from our teaches and blogs like yours and shirat devorah. if only she knew how much she has done to Sanctify Hashem, the holy torah and the children and land of isr.