15 September 2010

"BP Oil" Update

Have you been wondering what's up with that BP oil well disaster? Like...did they ever fix it? Well, as of two days ago, they were still at it:

BP resumes drilling relief well in Gulf as step toward permanent seal
By Vivian Kuo, CNN
September 13, 2010

(CNN) -- BP said it resumed drilling Monday on a relief well, as efforts to permanently seal the previously leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well appeared to be entering their final stages.

A few weeks ago the government announced that all the oil was gone ... just up and disappeared ... eaten up by bacteria and the sun. Now, you know better than to listen to anything the government tells you, don't you?

"Disappeared" Spilled Gulf Oil Discovered, Found Residing On Bottom Of GOM
In recent weeks the administration has been fanfaring the tremendous success of discovering far less spilled oil in the GoM than one would expect. The fallacious conclusion derived from this "fact" by Obama's henchmen is that the oil just went poof and disappeared, with even the president going spelunking in the GoM to prove just how safe it was. Well, we hope he didn't step on the ocean floor, because a new report by ABC discloses that "miles of oil is sitting on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico." It gets worse:

'Professor Samantha Joye of the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Georgia, who is conducting a study on a research vessel just two miles from the spill zone ...said the oil has not disappeared, but is on the sea floor in a layer of scum. "We're finding it everywhere that we've looked. The oil is not gone," Joye said. "It's in places where nobody has looked for it."

..."If we're seeing two and half inches of oil 16 miles away, God knows what we'll see close in -- I really can't even guess other than to say it's going to be a whole lot more than two and a half inches," Joye said.

This oil remaining underwater has large implications for the state of sea life at the bottom of the gulf.

Joye said she spent hours studying the core samples and was unable to find anything other than bacteria and microorganisms living within.

"There is nothing living in these cores other than bacteria," she said. "I've yet to see a living shrimp, a living worm, nothing."


  1. Please give us all an update on the very important event in J-lem regarding xian activity all over the Holyland ... Mrs. Fenton is right on the mark !!! Blessings for a year of " not letting the bad guys win "

  2. Sorry, no cando. I didn't get to go to the event. Couldn't get anyone to work in my place.

    5771 should be the year that all our enemies scatter to the four winds and leave us in Eretz Yisrael in peace.

    G'mar tov!

  3. All those dead fish in Louisiana - but it's not BP's fault, oh no, no way.
    They have a new theory:

    "But Louisiana's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries experts say low tide and high temperatures were to blame for the deaths of such huge numbers of fish in Plaquemines Parish. "

    Does anyone know if low tide and high temperatures can deplete oxygen in the sea, and cause all these fish to die? Sounds pretty fishy to me !

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1312450/Gulf-Mexico-fish-kill-discovered-culprit-think.html?ito=feeds-newsxml#ixzz0zg9xiact

  4. Rav Yehuda, I found something HERE. Will post her full report when it becomes available.

    Devorah, thanks for your comment. Here is a VIDEO of that fishkill.