"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

30 August 2010

More on the Missionaries - The Waller Family

B"H 22 Elul 5770

This is the Waller family. I first introduced you to them about a year ago. They, along with whatever volunteers they can gather, come to Israel every year and volunteer to harvest Israeli vineyards FOR FREE! for the possibility of an opportunity to "share the Cheesus that they know" with gullible Jews. (Hey! If they buy into missionaries being the righteous among the nations and "saintly" to boot, who's to say that they aren't in the market for the Cheesus snake oil, too?)

They are here in the Holy Land now and they've brought another hundred people with them, all of them missionaries anxious to break down that pesky wall that separates Jews from Xians. And this year, they're not only in Har Bracha and Itamar, but also in Shiloh and Kochav HaShachar. There is even a deal in the works with the Binyamina winery! Is this even kosher???

And now the eldest Waller offspring is living with his wife and baby daughter in Jerusalem and attending the Hebrew ulpan. Hey! If the kid makes it to kindergarten, they'll probably be eligible for citizenship.

To an earlier post on this subject someone commented that if Jews could be found to do the work for free, there would be no opening for missionaries to get in. I stupidly tried to point out that unlike the missionaries who are generously supported with income from abroad, their fellow Jews are having to work very hard just to keep a roof over their children's heads and food in their stomachs. Of course, they can't just donate six weeks of their lives to giving their labor away for free. But, now I'm thinking, why should they? Why should anyone??

These vineyard owners are in business! And if they had any self-respect or yirat shamayim at all, they'd be willing to pay the most basic cost of doing business---paying their employees!!

God help us and save us---from ourselves!!!

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  1. blessings devash. tell me about it. i was xt for almost 40 years.
    it really stinks.
    i have a close friend who used to live inBnei Brak. now in TA.
    he is very orthodox with 3 kids.
    during the hols he and his family used to go to golan and harvest crops at his family farm, and the kids really liked getting that extra money. it was veyr exciting and all within the family.