08 February 2010

Weather Chaos Worldwide

Storms and floods bring death and chaos to central Mexico

Unseasonal winter weather in Mexico has caused widespread flooding resulting in death and destruction in the states of Michoacan and Mexico State as well as in the massive capital of Mexico City. According to an AP article, there have been 29 deaths in central Mexico so far as a result of the storms.

...Cyclone Oli moves through French Polynesia

A powerful Category 4 cyclone, the equivalent of an Atlantic hurricane experienced in the Pacific Ocean, has moved through the South Pacific over the French Polynesian Islands
...storm chaos in NSW and Queensland
FIVE people are dead following massive storms that swept through parts of NSW and southern Queensland at the weekend, causing flash flooding and widespread chaos across both states.

20 million farm animals freeze to death

UP to 20 million farm animals may die in Mongolia before spring as the fiercest winter in living memory grips the country, International Aid Agencies warned today.

Rainstorm triggers fatal accidents

A FIERCE overnight rainstorm pounded southern California and triggered a mudslide in the city of La CaƱada Flintridge, the Los Angeles Times reported today. Knee-deep mud and debris were reported in the area, parked cars were swept away and several homes were damaged by the mudslide.

US snow causes major power cuts

Hundreds of thousands of people remain without power in Washington DC and nearby states after a blizzard blanketed the area with record snows. Electricity was cut to at least 300,000 homes as the snow felled trees, and cut power lines. Emergency workers are struggling to restore power. Washington got up to 2ft (61cm) of snow, one of the heaviest snowfalls in decades. The storm disrupted transport from West Virginia to southern New Jersey. A record 3ft (91cm) of snow fell on Maryland.

Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland have declared emergencies, allowing them to activate the National Guard to help cope with the wintry onslaught. Some 300,000 homes are without electricity in Maryland and neighbouring Virginia - the two states which bore the brunt of the storm. Another 250,000 customers were hit by blackouts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the New York Times reported.

...The massive storm brought the nation's capital to a virtual standstill.

And as if that isn't enough, space weather is starting to act up, too!

In less than 24 hours, a monsterous sunspot group has materialized in the sun's northern hemisphere. The active region is crackling with M-class solar flares, and a powerful X-flare could be in the offing. Each of the spot's dark cores is about twice as wide as Earth.

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