30 September 2009


There is something very wrong when a group of religious Jews dedicated to the Land of Israel can't seem to recognize a clear and present danger to themselves and their country. I'm referring to those who view themselves as the creme de la creme of Israeli society---the "settler" population.

At one time, I bought into this myth---that those who put on guns, served in the army and went out to settle the ancient hilltops were model Jews. I visited yishuvim from the Golan, to the Shomron, to Gush Etzion and Gush Katif, searching for my future among them. And I did live among them for two years. I found some rottenness that has silently and insidiously spread until I now fear the whole is corrupt beyond repair. Much less than being the model for the entire nation to emulate, they have become a stumbling block to our continued presence in this land. Do you wonder that "settlements" have become the source of the world's problems???

This is your wake-up call from Shamayim. Why won't you listen???

A self-confessed missionary and his brood of eleven children have been living off and on in Israel for the last six years, each year bringing other missionary volunteers with him to "harvest" the souls of Israel. This year he brought 100 people with him and they have been welcomed into the yishuvim with open arms despite pleas and warnings. Jewish pride and Torah law thrown out in exchange for "friendship" and free labor!

Recently, former Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee was in town. The same people who eagerly lap up the sweet, but poisoned, Xian "love," fell all over themselves to heap praise on this celebrity "Lover" of Israel (and to be seen in photos with him). And now, it is being suggested that Sarah Palin be invited to meet with the female settler leadership.

This is some kind of sickness of soul that I am ill-equiped to diagnose---this awe of goyische celebrity and pathetic, neurotic need for "love and friendship" that causes Jews to self-destructively fling themselves under the tracks of the Xian tanks about to run roungh-shod over their very homes.

What more can I do or say to convince you? Why can't you see for yourself? For some it's the "love," for others, it's the money, for still others, it's the kavod, but for many, it is the perceived need for numbers and strength to fight the "common enemy"---Islam. What!?? Is our G-d's arm now too short to save us from Islam? You say, we have to do our hishtadlut? By allying ourselves with idolaters and allowing them to corrupt our land and our children with their idolatry??

Oh, I see. You explain it away by deluding yourself that Xianity is not idolatry, despite the FACT that it is a dead Jew that they are praying to and calling lord, G-d forbid! and it is a dead Jew that their book (NT) calls the Creator and Sustainer of Creation, G-d forbid!


The very evangelicals which you have made common cause with for the sake of battling Islam, will eventually come for YOU!!

(With thanks to the blogger of The Word and the Warriors and hat tip to Geulagirl who sent it to me.)

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  1. It's a fine line, hard to see the good, the bad and the $

    Too many people are blinded by the $