10 September 2009

Update to yesterday's news item

We suggested that Bibi's secret trip to Russia was related to Iran and we were right.

Russian Paper: Netanyahu Updated Moscow on Iran Moves

Russian and Israeli media continued to discuss in earnest Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's "secret" trip to Moscow earlier this week. While both Israel and Russia have admitted that the trip took place – after denying it – the reason for the visit is still unclear.

But a Russian newspaper Thursday, quoting Israeli sources "familiar with the talks," said that the main item on the agenda in the talks was Iran, and a possible Israeli attack on Tehran's nuclear facilities. "A visit like this can only be connected to new and threatening information about Iran. We cannot dismiss the possibility that Israel has decided to move onto more practical steps in dealing with Iran, and Netanyahu decided to update the Kremlin," a report in the Moscow newspaper Kommarsant said Thursday.

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