04 August 2009

Technologic "Prophecy"?

We are in a messianic process which is slowly bringing light to the world so that humanity won't be completely blinded (or destroyed) by the sudden onset of the light. Deeds done in darkness are coming to light and Truth is replacing falsehood as the Olam HaSheker disintegrates.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen has written a book called The Coming Revolution, Science Discovers the Truths of the Bible. At the End of Days, everything will come into harmony with the Truth of Torah and everything, technology included, will proclaim the Oneness of G-d.

Question: Is the web bot project part of that revolution?

The following is excerpted from an interview with the originator of the web bot project. It appears to foretell the rise of Mashiach (although those involved would disagree with this idea)and a possible holocaust (G-d forbid!) in America, all beginning in only a few weeks in October 2009.

(Excerpted portions)

1) That's a tricky one. It's one of those instances where we can't be too forthcoming because we don't want to reveal or participate or create a feedback loop that's going to endanger this individual, but apparently there's going to be a rather visible, or that is to say, a near-global personality that will arise as a result of, or out of the chaos of this coming Fall and through next year that we'll all think of later as a central figure to the humanitarian revolution against the powers that be. This individual is shown as having remarkable power in, hmmm, let's just say the entertainment field, but we're not talking an entertainer, ok. We're talking somebody who's going to be able to use their particular talent as a motivating factor for humans and this individual is described in various ways, but one of the key factors that we'll all recognize this individual by will be the level of individual personal suffering that is involved there, so, very much a, in our viewpoint, very much an admirable being that has arisen to a particular level of mindset, if you will, as a result of years of suffering. Ok, now the impact on this is going to be really shocking. I mean to the point where we think that we'll actually see exhibited, probably in some of the monarchist states, maybe in Belgium and England, this kind of thing, where we'll actually see the words of this individual banned. Once we start seeing them ban the contents of, and I won't go into the particular media, then we'll know we're onto that particular track. However, it should be a rather short and very meteoric rise as to global awareness. As we get into the chaos and everything starts becoming a little bit really strange, there will be this central point that stands out, that, you know, this guy really understands...that this particular person stands out as a stellar encapsulator of our common experience, if you will.

2) We're going to reach levels that replicate or exceed the impact of the Weimar Republic, that is to say, the pre-Hitler Germany Republic went through a nasty stage of hyper-inflation. We're going to hit something that will exceed that. The powers that be, the last time that occurred, used something in the following linguistic trail to create chaos. What they did was they got a leader up there who, for his own reasons was anti-Jewish, and so they started this mantra: "Dirty bankers caused Germany's defeat. Dirty bankers caused Germany's defeat. Dirty JEWISH bankers caused Germany's defeat." And finally it just came down to where they were advocating wholesale violence against the Jews and they dropped off all of the banker part and so on. And the general Jewish population had no concept of any of this stuff going on. Indeed there was a Zionist, if we should categorize it that way, banker elite that was involved and that included people like Prescott Bush, the grandpappy of old President Bush, you know, that kind of thing, so, it's not strictly speaking, a Jewish issue, but we're facing conditions that the same kind of a mantra can be used to lead to a pogrom, and that is to say a wholesale, um, i don't want to say a war, but a social movement against the jewish population and it may it may indeed be that it comes to that, but however, we see some stuff showing up in late 2010 in the general revolution that would seem to veer us away from the path that the powers that be have already picked out which leads that direction. Their goal is to have a dictator arise in 2012 that will pretty much take care of "the Jewish problem" as it will be stated then, which will be an outgrowth of all of the suffering that we have all suffered from the central bank and warfare model. And it will be an attempt to disguise the fact that they were the cause of it with the central bank and warfare model of how to run human affairs. ...Some of them happen to have affiliations to the Jewish community, but they're bad guys. That doesn't make all Jewish people bad guys but these very specific individuals are very evil because they will attempt to shift the blame in as wide a fashion as they possibly can to get out from underneath it These are the people we call "the banksters" and the political minions and their last gasp is playing out as we speak. It will get really chaotic this Fall as the various bits and pieces of this huge bailout bubble start breaking down and we start getting some secrets revealed about what's going on.

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