26 June 2009

Look out! Big whack comin'!

U.S. Appreciates Israel's Roadblock Removal

(IsraelNN.com) The United States State Department expressed appreciation to Israel Thursday over steps taken to make things easier for Palestinian Authority residents in Judea and Samaria. Those steps included the removal or easing of processing at roadblocks and inspection points, and reduced Israeli security activity in four PA cities.

When the State Department is happy with Israel, something very bad for the Jews is taking place...

Netanyahu folds under US pressure for pulling out of West Bank towns before peace talks

Despite his pledge to keep security considerations uppermost in his dealings with the Palestinians, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is buckling under pressure from the US administration aimed at softening Israel up ahead of Middle East peace talks.

...It is the most sweeping redeployment of Israeli security forces since their unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria four years ago as part of Ariel Sharon's disengagement policy.

To make the gesture palatable to the Israeli public - who have not forgottenthat years of Palestinian suicide bombing attacks from the West Bank were finally stemmed by the IDF presence in terrorist city strongholds - Netanyahu told the army spokesman to announce Thursday, June 25, that the measures were being given a one-week trial run before being finalized.

However, once in place, these measures will be practically impossible to withdraw.
That big ugly guy up at the top? We don't need to be concerned about his big whack, but he sure needs to worry about HIS big 'whack.'