01 February 2009

Everybody Wants Jerusalem

More and more, the world's attention is being drawn to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Have you heard of the JerusalemProject? It's a Xian effort that magnanimously allows Jews and Muslims a share in their vision due to their connection with Avraham Avinu. All of these people who stress our "common heritage" claim it through Avraham and conveniently leave out the fact that the Torah which informs us about the promises made to Avraham Avinu also states that the promises were passed on to Yitzchak and from him to Ya'akov and the Children of Israel.

Here is what they propose to do with Jerusalem:

...Currently, the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem lies in ruins. This is the Temple where Jesus' mother Mary was dedicated to the service of The Lord at the age of about two, just as her mother had been dedicated before her. This 'Second Temple' was destroyed by the Roman Army a few decades after the life of Jesus. It has been in ruins ever since. According to prophecy, when it is rebuilt, Jesus will return...

It is suspected by many scholars that The Ark of The Covenant is still there, hidden somewhere beneath the city. They are correct. When the archeology is done on the site, The Ark of The Covenant will be found there, where it has been all along.

For too long, antagonism and distrust have kept the experts from doing the archeology on one of the most important sites in human history. The time has come to build a world-class religious convention center in Jerusalem, according to the prophetic tradition. There are to be no gold or silver icons in this Facility, which shall be for all the people of all the nations.

Just as the federal government of the United States created the District of Columbia, the United Nations can create The Jerusalem Jurisdiction, in order to do the archeology, find The Ark and build The Creator's House.