12 November 2008

The Only Place for Politics

They come from Tel Aviv by the busload to block Porush

..."After the last municipal elections I moved my life to Tel Aviv but I purposely didn't change the address in my identity card so I could affect the election. The results of the last election, in which an ultra-Orthodox mayor was chosen, were a disaster for the gay and lesbian community, to which I belong. Last year I went to the Gay Pride parade and felt like I was in detention, living in oppression. I know that everyone in the gay community is voting. I hope that Nir Barkat will bring freedom and progress back to the city and that he'll fight against the trampling of human rights. Everyone tells me, 'Let it go, you live in Tel Aviv,' but Jerusalem's the capital and I can't accept that a minority living there walks all over the majority and tramples their human rights," ....
Uh, isn't this is illegal? But then, that's politics. And that's why we will no longer accept the "status quo." WE WANT BEN DAVID NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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