05 November 2008

Campaign for Mashiach

We don't have much time. The elections are in 97 days. To borrow a popular phrase, "Yes, We Can!"

We can bring Mashiach TODAY! if we believe strongly enough in HKBH's compassion and willingness to redeem us and if we are committed enough to the idea to do whatever is required of us, to make any kind of personal sacrifice.

Here is my first campaign slogan: "Not Bibi, not Tzipi, not Mofaz, nor Barak...only MASHIACH!" Feel free to take it, use it and pass it on or make up your own. Let's build some energy by talking about it and circulating it widely.

Now, while I was working on this, I began to remember seeing something along this line on Nava's blog awhile back, so I went back to look for it and I was right. Here it is. Click on it to be taken to the original. (Also, didn't someone create a virtual campaign button for Mashiach??)

I wonder if anyone knows what might be happening on this level. Are the rabbis still working on this? Has there been any progress? Anyone who knows please comment.

"And the children of Judah and the children of Israel shall be gathered together, and they shall appoint for themselves one head,..." (Hoshea 2.2)

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