19 November 2008

New Message from Binyamin Golden

I am no translator. I do it for myself and then share it with the admonition that while I believe it is correct, it might still contain errors. My apologies if it's so. Bevakasha...

A new message from the autistic Binyamin Golden given 11.11.2008 and posted in Hebrew on 18.11.2008

(Unauthorized rough translation)

A Black Star Blackens the World

Since Elul the world has changed a lot. The whole world lives in fear now. Already, people don’t trust the stock markets, and all the dreams that once directed their lives, the materialism that revolves around the money, credit cards, leisure time, bank accounts and all the materialism that directs their lives. Suddenly, it’s in danger.

Suddenly, they don’t know what will be; how they will be able to continue their false, insane lives that they’ve been living until today. But they’re not ready, under any circumstances whatsoever, to abandon all this; therefore, they wander around completely bewildered. And suddenly, there appears a black star that attracts the majority of the world---a star called Obama.

This Obama appears suddenly without the advance preparation that there usually is for someone like this. He appears from the heavens and the majority of the world goes after him. And who is this Obama? No one knows. He’s a question mark in front of the people. His source is very doubtful even to such an extent that we don’t know if he’s born in America or not and if he has an additional citizenship or not.

But who cares? The main thing is that the black star comes to save, so to speak, America and the world (the world of falsehood and materialism…) And who is Obama really? He is Edom and Yishmael together. Really a complete combination. From one side his father was Muslim, and to be kind to him, he learned in a Muslim school. From the other side, he sat many years in a church of a known anti-Semitic pastor, no more need be said. Truly a combination of Edom and Yishmael – therefore, he has much strength. He has the merits of both of them, of Eisav who honored his father and of Yishmael who performed the mitzvoth of circumcision and hosting guests like his father Avraham.

When there is a combination like this at a time that Am Yisrael is not at a high spiritual level, there is great danger. Because the strength of Eisav and Yishmael together very much threatens the Jews when they are in spiritual decline like today.

But if we return in teshuva and we will go in the path of Ya’aqov Avinu, a“h, then we won’t have any problem and nothing to fear… But if we don’t return in teshuva, ch”v, then we have what to fear. Surely there will always be Jews that do return in teshuva and these don’t have what to fear from HKB”H. I’m praying, that even at this moment, though it doesn’t appear realistic, that with them will be all Am Yisrael.

Then, who is Obama? Maybe he was sent from Shamayim to lead all the evil in the world, to assemble them and to bring them to the land and here will be war, that Hashem will battle for us. Here will be the war, in Eretz Yisrael. On the soil of Eretz Yisrael, Gog will arrive with much strength…..

He will war against the Jews and against HKB”H…. HKB”H will make the war and we know what will be the end…. But we won’t know clearly who is Gog until the last minute.

Now, why am I speaking about Obama? What do I care from Obama? Because Obama didn’t just >stam< arrive to the world. He’s like the hurricanes that suddenly appear in the ocean, Ike, Katrina and such. He suddenly appeared also. Because thus commands HKB”H, that the signs of the geulah that are appearing at the end of days will come by a sudden method. …so we will know that the prophecies of the Torah will be recalled, … Hashem already informed us of these things thousands of years ago.

Those who don’t investigate the prophecies won’t recognize Gog and won’t recognize Mashiach and they will be removed from the world….

HKB”H sends us evil messengers in order to bring us to the truth. And already He undermines, and undermines more the materialism until there won’t be a thing that a person can rely upon for his parnasa. He can’t depend upon his credit card, on his national insurance, on his pension, on his salary, on the doctors, on his medical insurance, on his car, on the electricity, on the water that flows in his house. Hashem is teaching us that it is impossible to rely upon anything materialistic….

In addition to this, Hashem will bring upon us much larger natural disasters from what we’ve seen. And a gigantic, fearsome war, a war in which a sizable portion of the world will be destroyed…. Hashem will bring us stage by stage to the truth.

He wants that we will rely only upon Him and that we will recognize as a fact that there is nothing besides Him. He is the Omnipotent and there is no other power existing that is able to help us to be rescued.

Therefore He gives to persons and to countries to try each of their idea and each of their programs to rescue the world. At a certain stage, the heads of countries will understand along with all their counselors and all their people that there is nothing besides Him…. And all that they are trying, with all, so to speak, their genius, it’s one big failure. If we want to save and to survive, we need simply to pray to HKB”H, the gentiles as well as the Jews --- and the Jews need to do complete teshuva.

That’s the picture at the moment. But how will it finish exactly. It’s still allowed changes…. If Am Yisrael will make complete teshuva then the geulah will arrive “easy as pie”….

But if only part of the Jews do teshuva, then it will be with much suffering…. The complete redemption will come, but with much suffering, Hashem have mercy on us. That’s our choice now.

Every person with partial vision can see where we are standing. We are standing before the end. We are standing before the redemption and the resurrection of the dead. But we must do teshuva in order to merit redemption and days of Mashiach.

It’s very exciting to hear radio, c”v, or television, c”v, and to see Obama and to see all his staff and too see the hurricanes, etc, etc., but this is not important. What is important is that we will do teshuva. …that we will take it upon ourselves to do teshuva, to return to HKB”H, to return to the truth because only the truth is our entry ticket to days of Mashiach.

We must be sorry for all our sins. The men to sit on the floor, to put sackcloth on the body and ashes on the head… and to cry and cry and cry….

To cry over all our sins and to cry over all the sins of this generation and over all the sins from Adam Harishon. And to make an effort to return to HKB”H in complete repentance.

Am Yisrael, good Jews, I beg you, I implore you, return to the truth. Throw away all the unnecessary materialism. Dress yourselves like Jews and Jewesses, not like gentiles. Eat like Jews and not like gentiles, live like Jews and not like gentiles, think like Jews and not like gentiles.

Oy! Am Yisrael. Oy! Am Yisrael. How many is it possible to entreat? The end is here, now. The end is here, now. And again I’m saying to these that there is the possibility for you to return and to arrive to the Land, to do this promptly. A few that are faster. Not to do calculations, to arrive, Hashem will help.

There’s not much time, there’s not much time. I’m praying that with G-d’s help everyone, all Am Yisrael, will choose the correct path. The distant Jews who are married to gentiles, abandon them. With their children not Jewish, not wanting to be Jewish, abandon them and arrive to Eretz Yisrael.

Why to come to Eretz Yisrael? Because who comes to live in Eretz Yisrael will receive many merits. Because who comes to truth for the right reasons to live in Eretz Yisrael, this is bound up with much self-sacrifice and this kind of self-sacrifice is beloved in Heaven. Aside from this, those that are coming because they recognize the signs of the redemption are saving themselves very much suffering to arrive in Eretz Yisrael at the last moments of this world. I bless all Am Yisrael that we will see the truth and arrive at the truth and that we will be able to receive Mashiach Tzidkeynu.

There are many Jews that even with all the troubles and all the warnings that Hashem has sent to us in the past years, they say, “It’s not terrible, Hashem will save us” and such and rely upon all sorts of true prophecies from the holy prophets.

But I want to inform them that the good prophecies will come about only if Am Yisrael returns in teshuva. If, G-d forbid, no, there are other prophecies of the holy prophets, and they are much harder. According to “Chesed l’Avraham” there will be in Eretz Yisrael only seven thousand Jews who will receive Mashiach Tzidkeynu….

So, I beg of Am Yisrael, why suffer? Why hold onto the golden calf and the falsehoods of the nations? Move away from the lie. Come close to HKB”H and be entitled to receive Mashiach Tzidkeynu.

[Daniel also had some things to say, but I won't be able to get to that until tomorrow perhaps.]

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