23 June 2008

YESHU - may his name be blotted out

The xians who enjoy playing at being Jewish have taken to writing their man-god's name as if it were the Tetragramaton, lehavdil elef havdalot! Of course, it makes it clearer to all that they do imagine him to be Divine and worship him as such.

Interestingly, however, when written this way, it's also easier to see its evil source. If you rearrange the letters you get...
EISAV! ...with the letter yud borrowed from Hashem's name as if to endow him with Divine qualities. Our Kabbalistic literature informs us further that Yeshu was a reincarnation of Eisav.

As the light of redemption grows ever brighter, it becomes easier to identify the Truth. The world of sheker is falling all around us, B"H!


  1. Where does the Kaballah say this? I honestly doubt the very historical existence of jeezus. There is very little proof that he actually existed, at least how the writers of the Gospels envisioned him. I believe that the figure known as 'Jesus christ' is a composite character, based on the stories of Yeishu ben Stadta and Yeishu ben Pandera, along with several other false messiahs, mixed with the stories of pagan saviour-gods.

  2. The writings of the Arizal.