04 June 2008

PROOF there is no difference

For all you American Jews who think your vote in the American election can help Israel, think again. In his speech to AIPAC today, Barack Hussein Obama proved that no matter who gets into office, the exact same policies vis a vis Israel will be carried out:
...He endorsed the Bush vision of a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians, saying there was no room at the negotiating table for [the Hamas] terrorists. While stressing that Israel’s identity must be preserved as “a Jewish state with secure, recognized and defensible borders and Jerusalem its undivided capital,” Obama also stated that the Palestinians need a state “that is contiguous.” He advised Israel to take steps consistent with its security to ease conditions on the West Bank and refrain from building new settlements.
All of these months of campaigning have served as a huge distraction from what is really meaningful in life while people wasted time debating who was better for Israel and the Jews. Folks, these people are completely irrelevant. All that counts is us and our relationship to Hashem.

There may very well not be an election at all. I am of the firm belief that George W Bush will be the last president of the United States. I think a crisis will be concocted that will allow him to postpone the election and remain in office. I think that the US will be struck down with a mortal blow, never to rise again.

Future Epitaph for America

Her days were few by the
Reckoning of nations' lifetimes.
She burned bright and hot
Like a rocket, then fizzled,
Spent, went dark and cold.
Who remembers her now---
And how?

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  1. I totally agree with your comment.. this election nonesense is just another way to distract Amercians from whats really going on. When you get the news all you see is Obama and Clinton-- you barely get a glance of all the horror thats occuring around the world. And I too very much believe that President Gog/geoge will be our last president. I just hope that we all awaken soon to this reality and turn to Hashem before its too late!