29 May 2008

What the Heck is This???

Air Police Confiscate $410,000 on U.S.-Israel Route
(IsraelNN.com) A joint operation by Israeli and American officials has netted $410,000 in cash, checks and gold that 14 air travelers were carrying. It was the first operation of its kind, aimed at stopping the practice of bringing large sums of undocumented money.

American and Israeli custom officials supervised the operation, which took place during the past week.

What is "undocumented money?" If I save my money in cash and buy gold coins over time, then decide to travel with it, it can be confiscated from me...just like that??? Am I being presumed to be guilty of some crime until proven innocent???

Jews take heed. Your civil rights, your person and your property are no longer protected under the Constitution of the United States. (In Israel, we never had such "protections.")


  1. i believe it's always been illegal to bring money (or monetary instruments whatever that means) in excess of something like 10 thousand dollars to israel/US on a plane without declaring them .. i believe it's for tax purposes.

    if you pay attention to the customs forms you fill out when flying to either country (and i imagine other countries) you would have noticed this a long time ago.

    what's scary is that it sets a bad precedent if Jews decide to flee america and try and take their portable wealth with them..

  2. B"H

    Globalism strikes again, under the guise of making sure people don't evade taxes.