12 May 2008

Lousy Courts, Lousy Police, Lousy Government

If those in authority will not look after the safety and interests of the citizenry, the citizenry will simply have to rise up en masse and look after themselves!! The residents of Pisgat Ze'ev need to go into the streets and rally behind these Giborim Yisrael.

Jewish Teens Wanted to ‘Put an End’ to Arab Harassment

(IsraelNN.com) A group of 11 Jewish teens accused of badly beating two Arab teens had planned for days to “put an end to the Arabs wandering around Pisgat Ze’ev and the mall,” prosecutors said Monday. The group had assembled after cell phone text message circulated calling to “Put an end to the Arabs who wander around... whistling at girls, cursing at and threatening little kids.”

Anyone who wanted to “finally show them not to wander around in our area” was called to meet at a local hamburger stand at 10 p.m. The group met at the planned time and moved to the local mall, where the Jews attacked two Arab teens, who required medical care as a result. The Jewish teens were indicted on Monday for causing serious bodily harm with racist motives and planning to commit a crime.

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