28 May 2008

Olmert's Options

Surely, you are not unaware of the storm surrounding Ehud Olmert over money he received from NY businessman Moshe Talansky. In response to increasing calls for Olmert's resignation from across the political spectrum, the most recent report on Arutz Sheva says:

"...Olmert can choose any one of several options: resignation, vacation, temporary suspension, or the like."

There is another, much scarier scenario. Olmert could launch another ill-timed, ill-considered, ill-fated war in order to remain in office. Who would expect a PM to step down in the midst of a massive national crisis?

Perhaps this would be the best thing for klal Yisrael in the end as it would effectively destroy what is left of the "Zionist regime."

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  1. Its funny, I was just thinking the same thing.