01 April 2019


26 Adar II 5779

I weighed posting this video from every possible angle, but in the end, I felt the worth of Jews knowing these facts outweighs the exposure. That's because I've met too, too many Jews who have been taken in by Christian "friends" and "lovers of Israel." ALL of those "evangelical believers" who volunteer here in Israel are all in with the sentiments expressed here.  What these people say in this video is not fringe, it is standard, for evangelicals - the ones most attached to us.  Imagine an influential settler rabbi declaring these "righteous!"

I have no fear that anyone will be fooled by these most blatant lies - no Jew can be taken in by this tripe - so, for instructional purposes and as a kind of vaccine against loving the enemy, I post the following video.  Warning in advance, the false god's name is mentioned in its various forms.  

This also serves to explain my total antipathy and yes, even hatred, for this false religion for all the damage it does in the world.  If you can listen to this all the way through and still think not all Christians are bad or that some of them are real friends or that they have any real love or appreciation for Jews, you are a lost cause indeed.

Jews, open your eyes!  Wake up!!  This is the scum of the earth!

God forbid any of you would order that book.  Or comment on that video.  Don't give them your money or the satisfaction of knowing you watched it.  They won't believe any truth you try to impart to them.  

If you want to know more about Rabbi Kadouri, which is absolutely NOT as these people are presenting it, see HERE.

Rabbi's Hidden Message Decoded Shocks the World! And Jewish History Forever Changed


  1. I cannot and will not watch any videos about them or of them preaching, etc. It is mind boggling that there are true Jewish souls who pay heed to this zevel; but, this evil libel was written about for some time (think since Rav Kaduri, ztl, passed awayy but of late have not seen anything more about this evil lie in the news or elsewhere. This is what they do and that is twist our words and our holy Torah, including our Sages. I pray to the Ribbono Shel Olam, when is HE sending Moshiach Tzdkeinu already - every day it gets harder to relax and calm down because so much tumah and zevel is being promoted and spread around. H' yerachem aleinu!

  2. there are plenty of junk in the internet it doesn't mean we have to watch it

  3. This is for any Jew who is deluded enough to think, as I said, that there are good Xian friends of Israel or for Jews who live among these people and need to know what they really think of them. Maybe if more Jews had read Mein Kampf, less would have had delusions about Hitler's, y"sh intentions.

  4. Haven't watched the video, but these lies have been on the internet for so long, all in the name of Rav Kadouri ob''m. These people manufacturing this nonsense will all burn in hell - Rav Kadouri was a tzaddik gamor and people shouldn't mess with a tzaddik.

  5. It's not the story about Rabbi Kadouri, ztz"l,per se, it is what they reveal about their true thoughts and intentions along the way and how one minute they are spreading antisemitic tropes and in the very next breath expressing their "love" and other really horrible lies about what happens in synagogues, etc. If I could have explained it I would not have suggested seeing the video, but any Jew who lives in chu"l should see it as well as all these "settler" types who are so enamored by their vile declarations of "love" and "support." Some people are more in danger from what they don't want to believe than what they do believe.

  6. If you harbor no kind feelings, thoughts or sympathies for these "evangelicals," you are one fortunate of a very few.

  7. These Christian "friends" and "lovers of Israel" are stealing Jewish souls and they are in Jerusalem. They are working on the Russian Jews and the Reform Jews that are tying to be Baal Teuvahs. Like the "reform" they will lie, cheat and steal to get their way.

  8. "...you are one fortunate of a very few."

    Or else, you have lived among them and seen "up close and personal" and learned the lessons the hard way. Adjustment to the truth after that, if ever, is a matter of personal research and hard work on oneself.

    If you stand before a preaching Xian, be warned and walk -- nay, run -- away. Whether you are a Jew or not, you don't have to be deceived into idolatry.