20 February 2017

Breaching the Boundaries

25 Shevat 5777

Ynetnews published an article yesterday entitled Ivanka is not alone: Everyone wants to be Jewish. The author wonders why suddenly it seems like everyone wants to be Jewish. Despite the New Testament's teaching that Jews will be provoked to jealousy by the Christians, it would seem that it is the non-Jews who are jealous for what we have inherited as the Jewish People. 

It is important to recall that this is not new. No sooner had Ya'aqov and his family arrived in Shechem than the locals began plotting how to benefit from a connection to them. They were so enthralled by the expectation of what they stood to gain materially, they were even willing to submit to circumcision, although they had no interest in being in a covenantal relationship with HKB"H. They had no concept of or desire for kedushah

Even today, very, very few do. Instead, what they really want is what the residents of Shechem wanted.  They are willing to move a little bit towards us (a purely outward show with kippah, tzitzit and tallit, maybe a shofar) if we will move a little bit towards them (give up our exclusivity and abandon Hashem's mitzvot which obligate us to remain separate and apart) and meet them somewhere in the middle. 

God forbid!!
...All of Israel are bound together in one unit by faith and nationality, thereby differing, even in their approach to faith, from other nations and other faiths, all of which are false. In order to establish this definition and to secure it from the influence of the nations and of their illegitimate faiths and beliefs, G-d commanded this holy people that they must also have a holy land, unique to them, where all of Israel would gather together to live Torah lives and where they would speak Hebrew wihch would unify all of them (and I have elaborated on Eretz Yisrael previously).
The values of the alien culture are abominable nonsense, a distortion which has infiltrated large sectors of G-d's people, who speak of the "equality" of all men and all nations. This equality, the cause celebre of the nations, has no foothold in that bastion of truth, the Torah, with its attributes and values, and of this it says, "Who has required this at your hand, to trample My courts?" (Isaiah 1:12). G-d established for Himself a special, treasured nation, holy and lofty - the Jewish People - who dwell alone. Woe to the eyes and ears that see and hear large portions of G-d's people who have gotten so confused and assimilated that many of them scorn their crown and loathe their land and their selection as a holy, lofty people, children of G-d - indeed, they attack the whole idea! Woe to this people, "ungrateful and unwise!" (Source)
What you see above is just one small tip of the iceberg. Here is the perfect example of what Rabbi Kahane, may his blood be avenged, was describing - "Woe to this people, 'ungrateful and unwise!'"

Excerpted from Lars Enarson's "The Prophetic Restoration of Israel":
...That is the new covenant that we have come into through faith in J**** C*****. We have been incorporated into the people of God, into the family of God.
...The mystery of C***** is that Gentiles are heirs together with Israel. We have one destiny with the Jewish people!
... I’m talking now about the prophetic that is going to be raised up in the last days to join Jew and Gentile together,.... 
...We are members together of God’s family. This is clearly speaking about the uniting of the fathers, meaning the nation of Israel, the people of Israel that gave birth to the church, and the children, which is the new covenant people that was born out from the nation of Israel. Elijah is going to come and he is going to restore and heal that bridge – that gap – that is between Israel and the church. The church is going to be built up on this foundation that we have been joined with Israel, to inherit the promises given to them...!
...We are going to see a reuniting, where Paul said that salvation has come to the Gentiles in order to provoke Israel to jealousy. In other words: there is going to be a work done in the church, in the nations, that will be so powerful, that eventually the nation of Israel is going to be jealous over us. ...Their hearts are going to begin to turn towards us, because of the mighty works of grace that God is going to do, in the church, in the last days.
...So Elijah repaired, he restored that altar where the whole family of God came together! And it was on that restored altar of a unity between Jew and Gentile that the fire could fall from heaven that provoked the people to jealousy. To have their eyes opened, to see...[Yeshu]... Before the church can heal that relationship with the Jewish people, they will never recognize who their messiah is. And then there is no hope for the world.
...The church is going to be restored, ...it is going to be restored back to its fellowship, its unity with the Jewish people just like when it began in the temple.
God forbid! And this is what is being taught to the followers and volunteers of Tommy Waller and his HaYovel Ministries by Lars Enarson and his cohorts. This is what all those Christian "Lovers of Israel" believe.

From the personal email report of a frequent HaYovel volunteer:

"...Speaking of the Har Bracha community - This year I saw a new depth of love and acceptance with the Israeli's we spent time with...and I marveled at it. More and more, hearts are changing and opening to us
...This year I heard several times, '...And so, my brothers, my sisters, my friends..." with all sincerity. We were told, "We consider you our family."
There were several times that different speakers or friends would tell us that the new Temple that will be built will be a "house of prayer for all nations." (Isaiah 56:7) They want to make sure we know that we are invited and included. (You'll remember that this is the verse [Yeshu] quoted when He cleansed the Temple from the money changers and from those buying and selling. The fulfillment of that prophecy is something that He wants as well.)
Hashem yerachem al Klal Yisrael!