25 March 2010

NEEDED: American Exodus

Comments from readers to Breitbart's article entitled Israeli media slams PM's bid to end US row are much more telling that the article itself.

Here is a sample:

Between the Obama regime and Israel, this gentile will side with Israel. However, don't expect a lot of support from liberal American Jews. They are a sick deluded bunch. They are Israel's worse enemy and they also are an enemy of the American people who love freedom, i.e. in otherwords Socialist Leftist Jews are just as much an evil as Osama Bin Laden and Karl Marx (a Jew). Don't get me wrong, I love Israel and conservative Jews, but Leftist Jews need to be deported for they work with the forces in this country that will destroy this country.

The writer clearly considers himself a "friend" of Jews and Israel. When the time comes, and it will, they won't distinguish between "Leftist" Jews and others. The right-wing in America has fascist tendencies. American Jews of every stripe ignore it at their own peril.