21 March 2010

NOT a 3rd Intifada???

From today's headlines:

21 Arabs Arrested for Rioting in Jerusalem

Arabs Rioting in Gush Etzion

Galilee Arabs Riot

Soldiers Kill Two Terrorists Near Itamar

Arabs Rioting in Hevron

Arabs Riot South of Jerusalem

Arabs Riot in Issawiya Neighborhood of Eastern J'lem

Firebomb Attack at Silwad

Rock Attack at Hussan

Shots Fired at Soldiers in Southern Hevron Hills

Ariel-Area Rock Attack

Rock Attack at Nabi Elias

Kassam Rocket Hits South of Ashkelon

1 comment:

  1. Of course its a 3rd intifada. The interesting part of this intifada though is it has been initiated by none other than the US. I'm not throwing around tin foil that someone from the US gov. calles the Pali's and said to begin an intifada, its much easier than that. All they have to do is make anti-Israel pronouncements as they have recently and the Pali's take their cue.

    We will be so much better off once we remove the yoke of the nations and call out to Hashem.