04 March 2010

"Killer" Wave

SPAIN - 3/3/10 - A huge wave has slammed into a cruise ship carrying almost 2000 people in the Mediterranean, leaving two people dead and six injured. The FREAK WAVE "smashed windows in the lounge area" of the ship. The accident occurred on Wednesday evening off the coast of Spain's northeastern Catalonia region as the vessel was en route for the Italian port of Genoa. After the accident the captain rerouted the ship to the Spanish port of Barcelona, where it arrived late on Wednesday to evacuate the dead and injured. Five people were slightly injured while a 62-year-old woman was in serious condition with her both her legs broken.

The rogue waves were 26ft (8m) high. Three "abnormally high" waves broke windows in the front of the ship. "A wave broke the glass in the area of the saloon and water was taken on board." There had been winds of more than 100km/h (60 mph) in the area. [This is the latest in a rash of huge waves striking ships and coasts around the globe.]

Passenger on cruise ship: Wave ordeal terrifying
BARCELONA, Spain – Monstrous waves that smashed into a Mediterranean cruise ship flooded people's cabins, broke windows in a restaurant and sent terrified travelers screaming for doctors, passengers said Thursday....


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