19 September 2021


14 Tishrei 5782
Erev Sukkot 

May we now see the downfall of the wicked nations and may God's people be redeemed and healed fully with a complete healing!!

Sukkot!! (Feast of Tabernacles) Uniting with All Nations? Religions? - Rav Yehudah Richter

~ Chag Sukkot Sameach!! ~


  1. I love Rav Richter for always saying it like it is. For ages I've been saying:

    ביתי בית תפילה יקרא לכל העמים

    For all the nations, not for all the religions. And if it weren't obvious, that the Jews have to remain separate.

    At the same time, many if not most or all of the issues besetting us in Israel would be largely solved if at least frum Jews would bother to make aliya. There wouldn't be room for all these non Jews in Israel if they did. And articles like the one below, as well as many others I have seen put to the rest the claim that they are all too poor and helpless. Some are of course and need assistance, but many, many are are flocking to S. Florida and raising a million dollars (in one evening) for Haiti. (nothing against Haiti, but non-Jews can do that), or contributing to the flourishing and highly lucrative kosher cruise industry.

    "This is why Orthodox Jews are flocking to South Florida
    COVID-19 has turned South Florida into a promised land for Orthodox New Yorkers." at A7

    “If you enjoy coming here for Pesach and Sukkot,” he said, “why not work here remotely?”

    Apparently said with no sense of irony or shame.

    The exile, however luxurious and comfortable, is a punishment, and it's over. Are people really living their lives as if the past year and a half didn't happen? Covid, rocketing antisemitism, unprecedented number of global extreme weather events, BLM, no police, cancel culture, the wokeshirts on the streets, the terrible Surfside tragedy, potential war with China, Russia and Iran, and they think it's business as normal?

    As for Jews mingling Yahadut with gentile religions, basking in their "love", they all need psychological treatment. In all seriousness.

  2. Fine and good, elisheva, but in the meantime, the State has closed its doors to the Jewish people. No normal world (which is definitely not now) would make irrational and draconian rules/regulations (especially so-called democracies) just for allowing people in or out. All this, of course, is against Torah! Why was everyone so against the soviet union when it did not allow their people out? But now, tyranny seems to be in vogue, r'l. So rebuking at this time Jews for not making aliya makes no sense. The Jews who yearn for Geulah and going up to our Eretz Hakodesh think of it every day, and the rest don't even know there's an obligation or yearning to make aliya to Israel. All this will be taken care of once the doors are open again and, of course, with the coming of Moshiach.
    As far as the mingling goes, this has been a problem in the medina for the last twenty years or so and should have been taken care of long ago. While the leaders of Israel are Erev Rav, we can't expect any better. Praying for Geulah NOW. Amen



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