12 September 2021

"Israeli Soldiers Forced Jab in Middle of the Night"

7 Tishrei 5782 

(h/t Deb Ghedini)  With English Subtitles.  Be sure to engage the "CC" button. 

This demonstrates the importance of having these conversations with your children in advance and wargaming with them various possible situations they could find themselves in so they won't be caught off-guard or unawares.  Hashem yerachem!!


  1. Thank you Devorah,
    What a testimony by this courageous mother and her daughter
    Hard to believe those officers would be so cruel to those young girls.
    Everybody in the world should know this story !
    It should be on the front pages of newspapers and it should be played on all channels all the time !
    That famous slogan "Never forget !" it shows , it is worth nothing.
    Frankly it sound as an insult now !
    HaShem wants to wake up every human soul to do chuva.

    Gmar Hatima Tova ! May we all merit see coming of Moshiach very soon

  2. Hear Rabbi Bar Hayim on whose advice can be trusted: When Should You Trust Your Rabbi? Doctor? Anybody Else? If you want to skip past the halachic foundation for this opinion (not recommended) move ahead to the 20 mins mark.

    Here is another important message from the same channel that hosted the Israeli soldier's mother: Who is threatening the Israeli Minister of Education? (Turn on subtitles for English!)

  3. Devorah Chaya, Just tried to comment here after I watched the guy in the video about what's happening (Education Ministry), but was literally taken off while typing, a few times. Whoever, by now, can't see truth is fooling him/herself & others or is just plain stupid. Talking heads worldwide all reading from the same script.
    H' Yerachem on this world for His Holy Name's sake and for the welfare of humanity. Thanks to this guy for his courage and truth.

  4. What she says at the end is amazing—"I'm done with the State of Israel"

  5. Yep. And that's a big part of why this is happening.

  6. Thanks for putting this up, Devorah!

    You know, your comment about why this is happening... for real Jews to turn away from the erev rav "state"... is so poignant.

    Many of the restrictions for the unvaccinated are also at Hashem's directions, I believe. Why do real Jews need to go to movie theaters? To shows? To restaurants? To mixed places? None of these will be around anyway when moshiach comes! I think it is to prepare us to lead a more kosher, truly Jewish and biblical life in readiness for moshaich.

    May Hashem blow open all the evil soon.

  7. Soon every Yehudi will be living and celebrating in our 'holy ERETZ YISRAEL' and living according to Torat Moshe! May this miracle come very soon with mercy upon every emmeser Jewish neshamah.
    It's time for the reincarnations of the snake to be over with. Amen v'Amen!

  8. https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/frontlinenews/israel-health-minister-caught-on-live-mic-admitting-green-passport-has-no-medical-justification/?fbclid=IwAR3q-U-EkH7yKcxn-vzFoCECLYHLhLlz9kitewv3JfG6RduJhXf5hPoI8Y8

    Complete farce

  9. This is why the governments have the Covid Passports.
    Hot Mic Catches Israeli Health Minister Admitting Vaccine Passports Are About Coercion
    Also posting video with subtitles to Brighteon.

  10. What surprises me most is the naivete or stupidity or just never questioning insane dictates that there are so many, it seems, who believe anything the ones who think they're gods tell them. They must do something that is putting hypnotic spells on many of the gullible.

  11. Posted to https://www.brighteon.com/c30aeb8a-c021-4e60-b949-727f7b0876b5
    With English Subtitles.

  12. Important Information from Rabbi Uri Sofer
    The interview is only in Hebrew

    Summary: The shot is a horrific plague, his phone is ringing day and night from people that were harmed from it. Entire yeshivas where the students took the shot have been decimated. A rabbi has no authority to rule on matters of life and death for an entire nation that they must do something, only a Sanhedrin. Rav Kanievsky did not rule in favor of the shot, he received one-sided information in any case, and he is no longer capable of ruling on these matters; he does not even recognize his daughter and can barely speak a single word.


  13. It is common for the Israeli army to wake soldiers at night. My son is also in the army and has been woken many times in the night.
    The problem with the virus is that it has made everyone crazy- those for the vaccine and those against it.

  14. Anon@9:24- If you are talking about for an inspection, for a roll call or to go for a run, as part of training, I get it. To be on the receiving end of a medical procedure, I think not. And NO, "everyone" is not crazy.

  15. Good response, Devorah. There is something very unnatural going on with the people who are like hypnotic robots. I've never seen such reactions by typical normal people. Maybe it's something in the 'jab' that does something to their psyhche. They seem to react like 'meshugaim'. May every choleh Yisrael have a physical and mental refuah shleimah!

  16. They wake them up in the middle of the night in order to confuse them, break them, brainwash them. There's no need to wake soldiers up in the middle of the night unless there's a war. The IDF is a brainwashing machine.