15 January 2019

"Angels in the Tabernacle?"

9 Shevat 5779



  1. Why do these depictions of Kruvim have tails, resembling young lions? This is a first.

  2. Rabbi Forman has such a great way of teaching. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    I’m wondering what the meaning of that pasuk might hold for us in the cosmic clock,.... they heard Hashems voice walking in the afternoon.... (will have to explore that pasuk) but perhaps,
    As we are in the afternoon of erev shabbos on a cosmic timeline, we need to listen again for the voice of Hashem and this time not hide in shame or fear.... but to remember that our Creator, King, Father has unconditional love for us and is guiding us to come to Him with teshuva shelema so that He may bring the geula brachamim. May we be zoche beH to hear Hashems ‘voice’ and turn to Hashem with love and awe and follow Him along for a walk in gan Eden