20 March 2013

Obama's "Historic" Visit

9 Nissan 5773

I can no longer keep silent. When I heard yesterday that suddenly John Kerry was on his way to meet President Obama here in Jerusalem, I just knew.

Beilin: Kerry Confirmed Obama Peace Plan

One of the main questions surrounding United States President Barack Obama’s impending visit to Israel is the issue of whether Obama will use his visit to renew political pressure on Israel over talks with the Palestinian Authority.

...former minister Yossi Beilin said that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently asked European leaders not to publish a peace plan for Israel and the PA at the present time, because America is planning to lead with its own plan.

...there have also been reports in American media that Obama plans to demand a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from most of Judea and Samaria (Shomron) with the goal of creating a new Arab state in the area by 2014.

In time to assure his legacy at the end of his final term in office as the man who made "peace" where all others failed. They just can't help themselves. The kind of ego it takes to offer yourself for the highest office in the land and ask people to spend millions to get you there just can't resist going for the gold of international diplomacy - solving the Israeli/Arab conflict - no matter how hopeless the prospects.

No doubt the media will project a false image of this visit as one entirely welcomed by Israelis.  They're good at that.  But we've been around a lot longer than the 65 years of the modern state's history and we haven't survived as a people this long without learning a thing or two about what really lies behind the false faces of people like Obama.

And never forget! Our Protector is never fooled and our prophets tell us that He neither slumbers nor sleeps, but His protective eye is always guarding jealously over His chosen People in His chosen Land.

A couple of words of advice on your "historic" visit to Jerusalem, Mr. President - LOOK OUT!!


  1. Something is definitely up.

    I'm glad you're back,...at least for now. :-)

    You're one of the few who knows how to "connect the dots."

  2. The true tzadikim\ot always get back up for the count !!! Welcome back