02 December 2012

Has the final battle for Jerusalem begun?

19 Kislev 5773

And during the month of Kislev when we celebrate the victory of battle over Jerusalem during the time of the Maccabees?


29 November 2012 - The United Nations upgrades the Palestinian Authority to "State" status

30 November 2012 - The Israeli government announces approval for the building of 3,000 housing units in the area of "East" Jerusalem. “This was a proportionate response to what has happened so far,” [a] source said. “We might do more.”

2 December 2012 - Abbas 'Victory Speech': Jerusalem 'Eternal Capital of Palestine'
PA Chairman promises that someday the PA flag will fly over “Jerusalem, eternal capital of the state of Palestine.”

2 December 2012 - Israel 'Completely Rejects' UN Approval of New PA Status
The Cabinet has unanimously voted Sunday to reject the UN decision to grant the Palestinian Authority nonmember observer state status.

 After UN vote, Israel to suspend PA funds
Finance Minister Steinitz says won't transfer tax payments to Palestinians in response to UN bid. 'I'll use the money to offset their debt to the Electric Corp,' he states. PM Netanyahu: We'll continue building in Jerusalem


...The New York Times reported Saturday that the Palestinian Authority has begun changing its name to “Palestine” on official documents, contracts and websites, and that several nations are considering raising the level of diplomatic relations, giving Palestinian envoys the title of ambassador. (Abbas: World said no to occupation)

New York Times says Israel gave United States only few hours’ notice of decision to pursue development that could prevent creation of viable, contiguous Palestinian state. 'This is one of the most sensitive areas of territory,' says former Ambassador Kurtzer. (US 'shocked' by new settlement plan)

The United Kingdom on Saturday weighed in on a new Israeli settlement expansion plan, urging the government "to reverse the decision." The UK's Foreign Secretary William Hague said he was "extremely concerned".... (UK calls on Israel to reverse settlement building decision)

Pakistan has said the Palestinian's success in getting non-member observer state status should not incur any reprisals as Islamabad's ambassador to the United Nations called for an end to illegal settlements on the occupied territories for progress towards Middle East peace.  Pakistan's Permanent Representative Ambassador Masood Khan also voiced the hope that the new status for the long-suffering Palestinians would pave the way for Palestine's recognition as full member. (Pakistan calls for end to illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine)

Where will it lead next? Take heart! It's scary - especially if you are a Jew living in "Palestine" - but, this is very good news. It means the status quo is over. The rut we've been stuck in since 1967 has been left behind. Now, full steam ahead to the complete redemption - the extension of full Israeli sovereignty over the whole Land of Israel as well as the Temple Mount!!

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  1. Yes, but it should last a total of nine months. The good news is that it really began over four months ago during Av. The Zohar's timetable holds that it began in Av of 5772. So we have at most a bit over 4 1/2 months left. It is good that G-d has halved the trauma of this rather painful but ultimately rewarding process.