11 September 2012

Media mogul recognizes a winner when he sees one

25 Elul 5772

Murdoch: King David Was Right, Jerusalem is the Capital

...Murdoch also said, "Twenty years ago my company invested in a small company in a small Jerusalem apartment, and what I gained from this company in terms of capital returns and technologically was critical to my company in the last few years."

“There are more than $11 billion in foreign investments in Israel. Usually we invest in assets that generate the best returns and Israel is too good for investors to ignore it.

"We once thought that G-d chose a Holy Land without any oil or natural resources, but recent years have shown that Israel has incredible resources with enormous oil and gas reserves".

Murdoch added, "What differentiates Israel from other countries is the creativity. Israel is successful because it is one of several countries whose economy revolves around the human mind, and it is really a light unto the nations.

“Bear in mind that everything that happens in Israel happens despite all the threats to the country.”

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  1. Always refreshing to hear a straight-thinking Gentile who ponders the Jewish phenomenon. Here's a short article by Mark Twain, with the same point, but with a twist and more flair: